03 October 2007

Putting the Cart Before the Horse

We have no furniture-true story-mainly because of a few important factors.
1. We've grown out of our post-college transitional furniture (really, most of it was falling apart after a few moves)
2. Moving across the country means you have to travel light.
3. Moving back across the country in less than a year means you have to travel lighter.

So basically the big, vital items (ie. The humongous TV, the bed, and couch) made it.

With that said, I bought a few presies for myself with an old gift card from ZGallerie last month (Thanks, Aunt Beck!). You'd think I'd save the gift certificate to help with something we so desperately need like, I don't know, chairs! Um, no.

Behold: Accessories, my main weakness.

The apartment may be empty but should we ever have guests over for a cocktail party, we're prepared. I've got the serving trays (one has already been put to use in my bathroom) and the butler's tray for our mini bar.

So, great! I'm ready for my party.....now where are all these people going to sit???

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