06 November 2007

Sprucing Up

Nick Olsen, the Deal Hunter on Dominomag.com, always raves about his finds on Pearlriver.com so I decided to do some browsing. This is a great Far East-themed resource for woks and steamers to paper lanterns and furniture.

I've been in a mood tonight where I want to build my own furniture because I can't find exactly what I want. Since I cannot open up a New Yankee Workshop in my small apartment, I think I'll be forced to modify existing pieces.

What about nailing this Square Black Wooden Plant Stand from Pearl River to the bottom of some plain nighstands.
Plus this minus the legs, sprayed black, of course:


Plus this sprayed in brass or chrome:


Maybe you can't always get what you want initially, but some scrappy internet searching will get you exactly what you want and on a budget to boot!

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