02 November 2007

Troubleshooting: Living Room

Quick question. I'm new to the whole brand-new, ultra-luxury, high-rise apartment thing originally coming from Boston so you guys are going to have to help me out. Why does my Florida apartment only have ONE closet (the master walk-in)??? Am I supposed to shove our winter coats, our luggage, and one boy's humongous golf club collection in there too? Impossible!

Ok, so this is going to be like showing the whole world my underwear drawer, but this is totally necessary to illustrate the fact that we have a storage problem here.

My solution for this is since the vertical blinds are hideous and need to be covered up, I'm going to bump the curtains out two feet and mount them from the ceiling to provide some hidden storage space for the growing golf club collection.

The curtains are going to be a solid silk-blend panel flanking each side of the sliding glass doors with silk sheers in the middle to let the light in and provide privacy. I'm pretty confident that we won't loose too much room on the floor by mounting the curtains out a bit and we will gain a bit of vertical drama by mounting the panels on the ceiling and breaking up the wide horizontal wall with the dark colored panels at each side. I'll be researching hardware today. Please send your suggestions for panel colors!

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