28 October 2007

26 October 2007

It's Never Too Early...

With stores already stocking Christmas cards and ornaments (even though it isn't even Halloween!!), now's the time to get the ball rolling on stocking up on gifts. West Elm has tons of great boxes that would make great gifts. These lacquered boxes look so rich and are great solutions to hiding odds and ends on the dresser or hall table.

All images via West Elm

23 October 2007

17 October 2007

It's All In the Lighting

Fall in Florida is far from the crisp New England days that turn the leaves gorgeous colors and make you craving hearty comfort food like beef stew, pumpkin pie, and clam chowder. One thing that has been surprisingly similar are the long stretches of overcast gloom that Hurricane Season brings.

Starfishdoc of Sanity Made Simple recently blogged about how a little bit of sun goes a long way when it comes to improving your mood. Taking heed to her advice, I moved a few more lamps into our living room to counteract the doom and gloom outside. The wise doc also asked if I could find some attractive options for using fluorescent lighting in the home.

Since most people do not have strips of industrial fluorescent ceiling lighting in the home, I would recommend Compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs instead. CFLs are more energy efficient, last longer, and work in the same lamps as traditional incandescent bulbs. The old, coiled CFL bulb has been given a makeover and should now be more appealing aesthetically.



Here are some tips from EnergyStar.gov website on choosing the right CFL for you:

1. CFLs perform best in open fixtures that allow airflow, such as table and floor lamps, wall sconces, pendants, and outdoor fixtures.

2. Check the lumen rating to find the right CFL. The higher the lumen rating, the greater the light output. The chart below will help:


3. Color also matters: Beating off the doldrums will be best achieved higher intensity bulbs that are a cooler blue or white color and best simulate daylight. These are bulbs mostly designated for task lighting and are labeled 3500K, 4100K, 5000K, or 6500K. (K= Kelvin, a measure of energy)

Closed, compact CFLs can be found at your favorite neighborhood chain superstore (a al Target, Home Depot, etc.) A quick search on the Lowes website yielded this: Sylvania 16W CFL .

If simply changing out light bulbs can help improve my mood as well as give me a warm fuzzy about doing my part for the environment, count me in!

15 October 2007


The Ikea opens in Sunrise, FL this Wednesday at 9am. People are already lining up outside and camping out overnight. Due to the hysteria, I'm not sure when I'll be picking up my DOCKSTA table just yet. Maybe I'll look for chairs in the meantime.


12 October 2007

Living Room Bling

I go to West Elm's website today to browse for chairs for my dining nook and I find these beauts:

At $149 a pop, these are the cheapest versions of the Chinese Garden Stool I have seen online to date. The red would great in my bathroom!

11 October 2007

Currently Obsessed

Breakfast/dining nooks. Why should dining be so formal? I am currently in the process of locating an upholstered bench for my future Ikea DOCKSTA table. Here are some ideas:


Anyone have any tips on making your own bench? According to Ballard Designs, it's going to cost me about $800+.

08 October 2007

Shakespeare in Love....With These Tables!

Two tables, both alike in dignity, In fair Florida where we lay our scene....

Ikea DOCKSTA Dining Table
From $1,431, poised to break the bank indefinitely, Where $149 is more affordable for me.

(IKEA opens in Florida this month!)

05 October 2007

Dear Target: A Love Letter

Oh, Target, my second home! Why must you torture me so! Elle Decor 's Target ad this month promised this lovely to debut in stores Oct 4th. ( Victoria Hagan for Target) Gorgeous!

I show up at 10am yesterday, October 4th. Why aren't these in my local Target stores yet?? I admit stalking poor, defenseless end tables is a bit over the top, but my bedroom desperately needs these!

Any thoughts on a black laquer finish and chrome hardware?

03 October 2007

Putting the Cart Before the Horse

We have no furniture-true story-mainly because of a few important factors.
1. We've grown out of our post-college transitional furniture (really, most of it was falling apart after a few moves)
2. Moving across the country means you have to travel light.
3. Moving back across the country in less than a year means you have to travel lighter.

So basically the big, vital items (ie. The humongous TV, the bed, and couch) made it.

With that said, I bought a few presies for myself with an old gift card from ZGallerie last month (Thanks, Aunt Beck!). You'd think I'd save the gift certificate to help with something we so desperately need like, I don't know, chairs! Um, no.

Behold: Accessories, my main weakness.

The apartment may be empty but should we ever have guests over for a cocktail party, we're prepared. I've got the serving trays (one has already been put to use in my bathroom) and the butler's tray for our mini bar.

So, great! I'm ready for my party.....now where are all these people going to sit???

02 October 2007

The Bathroom: The Low-Hanging Fruit

Bathrooms are the easiest rooms in your house to decorate due to their size relative to the rest of the house. They're (usually) pretty small and there's not much need for furniture. Why, then do people often neglect the one room in your house that you and your guests will use the most?

With these two things in mind, I tackled the bathroom first upon moving in last month.

Before: Small, bright, but blah!

The red buddha head and brown, faux bamboo mirror made the journey from Scottsdale to accent the gorgeous cherry blossom-printed tapestry-turned-shower curtain (that's right, I sewed it myself!) I found at Urban Outfitters. The colors and theme from the tapestry helped the room come into it's own with the help of some red and black accents from Target.

Three mirrors to view all angles of your naked butt first thing in the morning is not a pleasant way to start your day, I know. However, the house desperately needed a full-length mirror. It looks lonely on that blank wall, and I imagine I will be surrounding it with the same fabric pattern from the shower curtain very soon.

I had read somewhere that a good place for family photos is in the bathroom reason being, enshrining yourself or your family anywhere else is pretentious (Who knows where I got this, but I swear I've read it). Since I don't have a baby grand piano to start building my personal shrine to the ones I love, I started in the bath. Here's my little "gallery."

The gallery is a work in progress as I'm fishing out good photos from my archives and scouring the earth for mini frames to break up the mix of frames.

Stay tuned!

The Beginning: Everything new is old again

The past nine months have been a bit of guerrilla living for me in every way. Crazy in the way that I've:

A) Packed up my life and it's possessions (Mostly clothes) and hauled them 2,000 miles to a land arid, bright, and foreign. (aka Arizona)


B) Packed up my life and it's possessions (Again, mostly clothes and a very large screen tv ) and hauled them 2,000 miles to a land wet, sunny, and tropical six months later. (aka Florida)

Coming from a New England childhood and college years spent in the ancient brownstones of Boston, Arizona and Florida were so different from home and each other. However, they were very similar in the very thing that keeps me up at night.

Everything is big, beige, and empty.

The Arizona apartment was child's play. It's time for a revolution in Fort Lauderdale. Just you wait.
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