31 December 2007

Wall Decals

Jeff Robinson's Sideways Quince Tree Mural
via Apartmenttherpy.com

Way, way before the whole Christmas explosion I was chatting with one of my favorite bartenders (who, happens to be quite a crafty lady!) about her experimentation with wall decals. Coming across yesterday's Apartmenttherapy post reminded me to post some cool resources. I think a lot of people in this area, especially those in newly developed buildings, are struggling as I am to make sense of these large, beige walls.

Blik is the king of wall decals and has the most customizable options I have found so far.

Blik via blog.kaboodle.com


Stencil Library offers some more permanent options as well.

17 December 2007

Progress: My Door Project

Here's some progress on my faux leather contact paper/door project.

Bathroom door:

Bedroom door and hall closet:

The hardest part by far of this project was cutting the contact paper and avoiding tears, snags, etc. With the contrast of black and white, it's hard to hide mistakes so I've been doing a lot of emergency patching. You really can't tell unless you get right up there and look (which is what I've been obsessing over all day).

Please cross your fingers that I don't run out of contact paper before this project is complete! My goal is to be finished for when B's parents come for Xmas...

14 December 2007

Glitz and Glamor

Today I spent my day off exploring the thrift and furniture shops of Wilton Manors and scored a major deal! Decades on Federal Highway sells these fabulous Peruvian mirrors that are hand-gilt in gold. Check out the price tag.

I also fell in love with the mini Peruvian mirrors at Decades. They reminded me of old military medals and were only $11! This is going to make a great Xmas present.

If you're in the Fort Lauderdale area this is definitely worth checking out.

12 December 2007

Work In Progress

My shipment of faux leather contact paper arrived yesterday and I have been painstakingly measuring and cutting panels to affix to my doors.

The most difficult door has been taken care of, now I only have two large doors in the hall as well as four pocket doors for the laundry room.

10 December 2007

Quick Fix

A trip to Old Navy for some stocking stuffer pressies inspired this quick fix for our entertainment cabinet.

Before: Even though the glass is frosted, you can still see what mess lies behind closed doors.

After: Taping Old Navy wrapping paper hides the mess forever.

Now, what to do with those magazines????

03 December 2007


I just had a fabulous idea while cleaning my house. Since I cannot paint a single square inch of my rental apartment, including my doors, I am going to find a way to lacquer my doors black anyway. A quick Google search for black gloss contact paper yielded a barrage of ideas.

Here's a way to fake wood if you want it.

Or marble.

Or metal.

(All Images Courtesy of Aubuchon Hardare.com)
If I recall correctly, Nick Olson of Domino Magazine covered his entire fridge with a floral contact paper (or wallpaper?). You can do this as well with the contact paper above, as it is guaranteed to adhere to wherever you affix it-all without leaving a sticky mess behind when it's time to remove. Why not tackle a coffee table or your lackluster kitchen cabinets after you're done panelling your doors? I know I will!


Further research on wallpaper sites brings me to faux embossed croc contact paper!!


Wait, shhhhh! Do you hear that???? That's the sound of me buying this stuff. Stay tuned...

02 December 2007

Christmas For Me

....is cold weather, the smell of fresh pine trees, white lights, and well, you get the rest. I'm still not used to seeing palm trees all lit up with bows. Call me crazy, but it's not getting me into the Christmas spirit just this yet.

This is how we do Christmas in Newport.

John Corbett courtesy of Preservation Society of
Newport County

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