01 June 2008

Living room update

Memorial Day weekend was a bust. I spent the whole week moping over my curtains not panning out and yesterday, after a few beers, I decided to try again. I just hammered some anchors into the stripped holes and strung up the sheers. The picture is horrible-something's going on with my digital camera-but check it out.

The sheers are set off the wall about 18 inches to hide our golf clubs on each side. With only one closet in the house I had to get inventive. This week I'm going to steam the sheers and glue a thick, black grossgrain ribbon trim.

1 comment:

  1. i want to put up a white scarf but someone suggested white sheers in my bedroom. not sure how that will look. it so confusing on what to get and i want to open up a more inviting look in my oh so boring bedroom! So boring...the colors are nice but the bedding and curtains SUCK in the worst way. plus it has turned n2 an office and school house. STUCK!



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