30 January 2008

I Digress...

In another case of putting the cart before the horse, I was looking for sconces for my dining nook on a whim today. Granted the only thing filling my dining nook is boxes of my newly-fangled work junk and we STILL don't have the table for the nook, alas, I'm already looking into lighting. Check these babies out:

Library Sconce, Brass

I love the brass finish (I'm on a brass kick lately) but I'm afraid it will clash with my nickel-finished chandelier pendant that comes with the apartment.

Higgins and his buddy "Norman" the squirrel (I know, I need to get a life) watching over the clutter of the dining nook.

The sconces come in a black finish and would ideally flank that mirror. Thoughts?

27 January 2008

Some Math...

Projects = Money + Time

Previously, I had all the time in the world but no money. Hence, very few projects have been completed. (We're still eating on the couch and now have to eat standing up to avoid a nosy new dog begging for scraps. Yeah, I'm working on that one too.)

After a whirlwind December of interviews, quitting my day job schlinging burgers to cheap tourists, a week's vacation back at home in Newport, I got an awesome full-time job which officially started this past week. With that being said:

New Job= Money - Time

Money= New Job +Time

Projects= (New Job +Time) + Time

Wait, what? Math is not my strong suit but I think I just solved the age old question of how to get more time....that can't be right.

Anyway, this week I am promising myself I will start tackling the Dining Nook Project. That means a trip to Ikea and the search for some chairs.

Ikea Docksta

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