26 March 2008

I'm Back! Where I've Been...

The good news is that I'm finally employed, done with training, settled, and ready to start blogging again. My day job is allowing my creativity to surge once more most likely with the improved cash flow and better hours. I've had some luck in the past few weeks concerning a few cool finds for my empty, big, beige box.

I had some good luck on craigslist and found some great end tables which I rehabbed for my bedroom. These were in pretty good condition and the price was a steal at 2 for $40. Amidst a battle with a weekend mini-flu, I managed to spray these babies a healthy dose of my fav black gloss and they look great!



I don't know where this brass fetish is coming from, but these were the perfect height for my humongous 4ft brass candlestick lamps I got in AZ last summer. Finally, a home for these!!

I'm working on ditching the IKEA platform bed that has plagued our backs for the past year in a few months so I'm not sure how this is going to look when the height of the bed changes. All I know is I am going to fully embrace the fact that B and I simply LOVE black. Everything's going to be black. You'll see.....it'll work.
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