23 May 2008

Memorial Day Project-The Living Room

I'll be the first to admit that I'm slackin majorly when it comes to my house. Work's been kicking my butt and my stress level is increasing inversely with my decreasing creativity. With that said, I gave myself the day off and set out to IKEA to address this living room one and for all.

Here's the before:

Stay tuned over the weekend for updates. This NEEDS to get done my MONDAY!!!

***EDIT--three hours later....I got all my IKEA booty home and set out to hang the curtains on my own. Unfortunately, when you're putting up a tension wire on crappy apartment drywall hoping for the best (meaning, not using anchors) is not enough.

I'm so disheartened right now....do I even bother hemming the curtains I just bought?? Help!

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