23 June 2008

Kind of Design-Related

If you think about it, the way dog breeds came to be was purely by design: certain groups of people needed dogs capable of performing different jobs and with these jobs came physical attributes. Labradors were bred for their retrieving and swimming abilities and were bred to have a thick, rudder-like tail as well as a coat thick enough to withstand swimming in cold water. Conversely, those Malteses were bred down to obtain its size perfect for being the consummate lap-dog. How crazy is it to think that humans have been tweaking the design of everything down to their very dogs?

This weekend after two declarations in as many days, we may have pin-pointed a breed for our faithful and scrappy mutt, Higgins.

Not my dog. Fell Terrier.


Apparently this breed was not bred for uniformity but rather for temperament and hunting ability. The Fell Terrier is indeed an English dog (See, Mom, you were right!) so our Mr. Higgins is rightfully named.

12 June 2008

Doors Part 2`

I decided to finish my contact paper door project and ordered more faux black leather paper from designyourwall.com. My goal is to finish the hall doors, my bedroom closet and the backside of my bedroom door by this Sunday.

Before (With Higgins sneaking into my shot as always)

*************************UPDATE: Sunday Progress********************

(I've been slacking off)

************************UPDATE: November 24, 2008*********************

Finally finished with the doors. 

08 June 2008

Sew What.

Check out my first venture into sewing! I'm re-vamping the free chair and ottoman our neighbor donated to us two months ago. I figured I'd tackle the easier to the two first.




Just a tip: do NOT get a manicure directly before sewing for two days straight. Oh and I've got a greater sympathy for diabetics who need to test their blood sugar daily.

01 June 2008

Living room update

Memorial Day weekend was a bust. I spent the whole week moping over my curtains not panning out and yesterday, after a few beers, I decided to try again. I just hammered some anchors into the stripped holes and strung up the sheers. The picture is horrible-something's going on with my digital camera-but check it out.

The sheers are set off the wall about 18 inches to hide our golf clubs on each side. With only one closet in the house I had to get inventive. This week I'm going to steam the sheers and glue a thick, black grossgrain ribbon trim.

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