27 November 2008

Create Something!

A few days ago B looked at my agitated face and said, "Create SOMEthing!" I decided to finally tackle the dining nook bench I blogged about, oh I don't know, fifteen months ago!


First, I purchased a bare-bones bench from Ross on Monday. 

$49.99; A steal!

Tuesday, I rested. Shopping is tough!

So Wednesday (yesterday) I sucked it up and went to Joann Fabric. I came home with everything I needed to turn this country style disaster of a bench into something more tolerable. I chose a plain, black cotton Waverly fabric, got some foam, and brass nailhead for the trim.

My first step was to trim the foam to fit the bench. The Ron Popeil (of "Set it and Forget it" fame) bread knife sliced through this foam like a knife through hot butta!

Then, I wrapped the bench in the black fabric.

Since I just shipped off my borrowed sewing machine to its rightful owner, I had to hem the skirt with iron-on hem tape (I know, ghetto.) I affixed the skirt panels onto the bench by banging brass nailhead to the wood of the bench.

So tedious.

I quickly ran out of nailhead trim as you can see here. I'm going to have to find some more this weekend....excuse the chairs....that's this weekend's project. 

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