01 November 2009


The disco stick was made from scratch per the directions from gayrva.com. Supplies were an LED mini flashlight from Home Depot, black tubing from the costume store, and crystals from Michaels. I've got the hot glue gun burns to prove it!

"BILLY MAYS, HERE!" Yes, this is absolutely 100% wrong. 

I really enjoyed being a blonde. And wearing a leotard. 


It was a great night! We had about 10 friends over (thanks so much for stopping by!) for cocktails before we ventured Downtown. Fort Lauderdale was an erie mix of Halloween merriment and Boat Show awkwardness. I couldn't help myself but ask dudes in Ed Hardy t-shirts if there were dressing as douche-bags for Halloween (I've been waiting all YEAR to say that!). I think B stole the show with his Billy Mays costume-back from the dead-and I take full credit for his makeup. 

To the blogosphere, thanks for following this week and putting up with my strained attempts to make this Gaga madness design-related. Now...back to reality...


  1. Thanks, ladies! I had an absolute blast and wish I was still wearing my wig. :)

  2. Haha, love the comment about Ed Hardy t-shirts, why would anyone want to dress as that douche-bag is nuts :)

    Brookline is great, I love it here. Although I moved from the North End when the BF and I moved in together and I miss that area alot. But Boston all together is a great place to live!

  3. Ed Hardy is a lifestyle here. It baffles me.

    My best friend lived on Sheafe for years. Some of the best memories were made in the North End. I miss having a neighborhood...



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