08 November 2009

Inspired by...The Delano

The Delano, South Beach

Good friends from the dog park recently purchased their first house and are going for a "South Beach Chic" look. In the hotels, this means that furnishings, window treatments, and accessories must not steal the show and the main focus is the ocean outdoors. Let's see how this translates into the average home.

Here's the low-down:

1. Your South Beach home will need white curtains. This is non-negotiable. Fortunately, you've got IKEA on your side. These are cheaply priced, of decent quality, and long enough (118") for you to mount these babies to the ceiling (which is highly suggested). You will need rod-pocket curtains because tab-top curtains make me want to vomit.

IKEA Vivian $14.99 for 2
These are on the sheer side and filter light well. Buy 2 packs because you will want to scrunch up a few together because they are not that wide. 

If you need something sturdier, try the MERETE curtain. It's a bleached cotton duck, washes incredibly well, and the grommets allow the curtains to slide well on the rod. This is best used for the sliding glass doors on your patio where they will be pulled back and forth a lot. 

IKEA MERETE 2 for $49.99

2. Your South Beach home will need modern, understated furniture. 

Normally I do not advocate leather because sitting on it is akin to free (and unsolicited) exfoliation. An exception is made in this case of couch versus dog.  If you own one of these, you're not going anywhere near white cotton upholstery!

3. Your South Beach home will need some personality. Let's face it, nobody lives in a hotel. Here are some accent pieces that will humanize your space and add a nature element that will soften the coldness of all this white. 

As you can see here, I went on a Zgallerie shopping spree, but most of these items can be done on the cheap with good hunting at HomeGoods or Marshalls. The overall emphasis is to play on the blues of the ocean and bring in some warm nature elements like hard wood and capiz shells to neutralize the cold, modern furniture.


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