16 November 2009


I almost died last Thursday when Hutton Wilkinson let one slip during the DCOTA Fall Preview keynote panel and said something about "Tuscaranean" homes. America is OBSESSED with all things "Tuscan" or "Mediterranean" and they erect McMansions in honor of this trend. 

I thought it would be interesting to see what a real Tuscan home looked like and compared it to some of the gems here in the good ol' U.S. of A. 

"Tuscan" Homes, TN 74oo sq ft, $1.6M

Check the back end. Definitely enough room for that H2/Suburban you've got to schlep the kids to WalMart. I think the smaller door is for the tractor?

AND there is ample storage in the kitchen for all of the gallon vats of mustard and cheesy poofs you got this weekend at Costco. 

Parkland, FL Country Club home. 2200 sq ft, a bargain at $500k. It's got multiple driveways so you can have a car show on your front lawn on Saturdays. Get that Bentley out of the garage!

Encinitas, CA. 2324 sq ft, $1.3M. All garage. 

This comes straight from "Southern Utah's Ultimate Kitchen Resource!" 

Here's the real deal. 


Simple. Efficient. Where did we go wrong????


  1. gross. i don't like the real deal though either. but i like it a whole lot better than that bullshit tuscaranean hogwash.

  2. hahahah. it's not my bag either (can you tell?) but it's sooooo overdone and cliched that I had to take a tab at it.

  3. I'd take the real deal over the ugly McMansion's they call homes, yucky!



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