15 December 2009

#12: Clean Slate.

Here's what I'm working with at #12.
All 688 sq ft. Check the odd angles for the closet and entry nook. That will be a challenge.

Here's the low-down. This place is MODERN. Gorgeous, but modern. It makes all of my trellis printed, sunburst mirror, brass-studded furniture feel a bit out of place. I think if I stick to neutral (pewter, taupe, platinum) furniture I can pull it off with my bold patterns and bright accent colors. Let's hope.

First orders of business: get a bed. I slept on an air mattress last night. I hereby promise to all of my house guests that for the rest of my life I will not subject you to the "oh, but it's so comfortable!" air mattress. It's garbage. Just the comings and goings of my 25# terrier were enough to launch me up in the air last night. If one of us turned over, the other would be launched off. Do not do this to your guests. Sleeping bags on hard tile would be better than this.

I will post on the bed-getting saga this weekend. Thanks to Dad and Carol for the early Christmas present!!


  1. wow! i totally love its modern-ness. can't wait to see what you do!!

  2. love it..cant wait to see what you do...i agree trellis might be out of place just a little.

  3. Tam, yeahhhhhh....what to do about my inner preppy, hollywood glam self....hmmmm. please send ideas,



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