30 March 2009

Garden Stools-Over?

A post on one of my FAV design blogs (which I view DAILY), posed the question: "Are garden stools over?" My OTHER FAV design blog, Decorno, posed this very question a year ago. 

For those asking what in god's name is a garden stool (this would include the ranks of my boyfriend, who is stymied on a daily basis by the names of furniture and homegoods), here's the deal: apparently these jammies are often present in Chinese gardens. Or so the rumor has it. Current interior design trends make these squat ceramic stools quite prevalent beside couches and bedsides in houses nation-wide, which can lead one to deduce that this trend is well PLAYED OUT. 

West Elm

While I'm going all Kanye West on the ALL CAPS key today, I am going to contribute a rant to the garden stool because, well, I believe it deserves a good fight. Garden stools have been around FOREVER (according to House Beautiful as early as the 17th century).  The garden stool made its way over from the far East and its popularity exploded as the Victorian Western world was exploiting, ahem, exploring the Chinoiserie decor movement. The size and convenience of this small table has allowed it to endure many decorating trends over time. 

Basically, this little ceramic wonder is here to stay in the the BBB house. Mainly because I'm working up the guts to replace it with a more glamourous version that is 1. Mirrored and therefore zen-loving boyfriend will disapprove lest he surrenders living with a closeted Liberacce type. and 2. It's expensive as hell for a friggin garden stool-$150
West Elm

I promise to NOT include an even more cliched antler on top of my garden stool when I buy this. That antler is another subject to trends that should DEFINITELY be on the outs.......
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