30 April 2009

Together At Last!

I have been stalking this chair at Marshalls for a about two months. At $150 there was no way I was buying it. It finally went to clearance and has a new home in my house. 

28 April 2009

Before and After

Went on some retail therapy last week during lunch to blow off some steam. Got some great finds from Marshalls. Finally pulled them out of the trunk last night.

I've been eyeing these weird planter things for some time and ended up buying 2 for the price of 1...Basically the big one retailed for $16 and the small $12. I found them tied together and marked down to $12. I think this is stealing but on the other hand it's the retail therapy gods giving me a break on a hellacious week.

And after a coat of black (of course):

Anyone know how to spray paint something without ruining your manicure??? 


I posted this on Facebook and a friend immediately commented back, "Get your boyfriend to do it." Hilarious.

27 April 2009

Love That Dirty Water...

Boston is my home. 

With all the moving around, with all the change this place makes me feel grounded. It's where I learned to live on my own and make it on my own as an adult. What a treat it was to come back on my birthday to take in the city, do the things we would normally do on a gorgeous weekend like this....

Fenway on my birthday. 


11 April 2009

I love.

Can Michelle Obama's outfit be turned into a room a la Domino's monthly challenge?
PS-The Pres has dubbed that Alaia belt "The Star Trek Belt."


Jenna Lyons (Creative Dir of JCREW)

10 April 2009

Teeny-bopper Explosion

Ok, so I get the irony when I walk into a Forever21 every other Friday (co-indcidentally every Pay Day) and try to blend in with the teeny-bopper masses. I am about as far away from 21 as 90% of the customers there. Joke's on me and I don't care. What's interesting is some other teeny-bopper sites have some pretty grown-up home accent pieces. Check it out. 

From Delias?

For the love of god, PLEASE don't ask me how I got to the Delias* website but this wouldn't be so bad in my house...spraypainted black, of course.

This isn't too bad either.


03 April 2009

Great Stems

Yesterday a friend showed me her wedding pictures. While she looked absolutely STUNNING, I squealed more when I saw her table settings.....Yeah, I know, I have issues.

Modern and unromantic, just like me. 
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