26 May 2009

Coming soon....UPDATED

The fact that I was entertaining this weekend spurred a big kick in the butt for me to start getting furniture. We're having to entertain more and more and the plastic Ikea chairs are not cutting it. I threw down for a pair of X-back stools for the kitchen island this weekend at Target.com.

I am going to re-upholster the cushions as soon as I get them and will be pre-ordering fabric this week. Here are my choices:

***********************UDPATE 06/08/09************************

Ditched the stripe idea and figured if I'm going to run away with one theme, it might as well be with my most beloved print. I found a knock-off of Kelly Wearstler's Imperial Trellis (the G.O.A.T. -Greatest Of All Time) and purchased a B&W trellis of my own. 

Yes, I know. Normally I have way too much pride to buy knock-offs, but I think I'll save a bit on the cheap-o Target stools. They do not warrant the real thing. 

23 May 2009

Art in 10 mins

My backsplash has been naked for some time and it's been bothering me. I was inspired last night by a pic from domino that got me onto today's project. 

It's pretty obvious I'm a big fan of Kelly Wearstler's Imperial Trellis print. I scored a pillow a few months back for $10 with this print. 

I got the idea to photocopy the slipcover and frame the results. I attached some left over ribbon to the back of the frame and tied it to a nail at the bottom of the cabinet molding.

This literally took 10 mins from start to finish. Total cost=$20

14 May 2009

Work Is Stifling My Creativity

Going deal hunting this weekend, as I may be hosting a party memorial day weekend. We have NOTHING for guests to sit on...


My place. 
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