14 August 2009

Gettin Crafty

There's been some times this week where I've fed the dog and left, only to have to text B later to make sure he didn't feed the dog again. Here's my fix to that.

Yes, I know, I could have just thrown him a text but this was more fun.

08 August 2009

Ms. Fix It

Warning: This post is going to sound porn-y. I've tried to re-write the content but let's face it, my head's in the gutter. Here's my quick fix, albeit ghetto, of my closet door. 

(Yes, I know what this looks like.)

My closet doors are basically a MDF/fiberboard 'skeleton' laminated w/ a pressed wood veneer. About six months ago, the wood cracked in the 'skeleton,' tore away from the facade, and allowed the little pin holding the closet door off the floor to sink into the interior of the door. AKA, the door failed to function and almost fell out of the casing onto my foot. I tried to fix it before with a staple gun. EPIC FAIL.

This screw has a nob at the end that fits into a notch affixed to the ground. It serves as a pivot point for these accordion doors. Since the wood cracked, the sleeve housing the screw sinks INTO the door thus rendering the pivot pointless. The closet door then drags on the ground and you cannot shut it.

Sooooo. I got crafty. I wrapped two rubber bands around the collar of the plastic sleeve. This makes the sleeve too big to slip into the hole (Yes, that's what she said.)

Then, I took out the nail that the previous tennant put in to hold the door together and replaced that with a wood screw. I figured that the threads of the screw will grab the wood better and prevent the boards from expanding away from each other.

Hopefully this holds. I really couldn't stand having the door leaning up against the wall. It was just another surface for you-know-who to hang more of his shit up on. I digress...

07 August 2009

Other People's Spaces

I visited my bestie in DC in June. She had moved there with a long time bf and this was their first apartment together. The apartment has soaring ceilings which are accented with a bold blue wall seen here. The wall is massive and it allows the eye to seamlessly travel to the huge blue sky out their gigantic window. 

This entire apartment is a tribute to frugality without compromising style. Most of the furniture was thrifted (I wish I had a pic of the GORGEOUS antique table she had bought at a yard sale for $100!), handed down, or from IKEA and has instant charm. 

What impressed me the most is how she meshed her style with her bf. If you look closely you can see a statue in the bookcase--it's a bust of Elvis!! Obviously a single man-artifact!

Another obsession of mine is the home bar. This one above is simple, functional, and composed. Note the single stalk of bamboo in the background; that was our apartment houseplant in college!!

03 August 2009

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