27 December 2009

Closet love.

It's a known fact that  am so anal-retentive that even my closet must look "done." You've witnessed here how I ripped apart a perfectly good walk in closet, threw out the dressers because they were "broken," and failed to replace them so now full drawers of undies lived on the floor.

I vowed to redeem myself in  Apt #12. In fact, the closet was the very first thing I did when I moved in. Here is some inspiration and then I'll show you the real thing.

Look at this bitch. Oh, I'll just nonchalantly look over my shoulder while you drool at my amazing closet and cute wing chair. Anyone notice the black and white doors??? Look familiar?

This looks a little more realistic for regular humans to achieve. This reminds me of a closet of a certain Russian princess I know. Except with less shoes!

Speaking of shoes...this is amazing and crazy all at once. I got all excited and then took one look at her kid. Creepy....

Speaking of awkward and creepy...here's how Miss Paula does her shoe thing. I espeically like the island in the center of the room with the sunglasses displays. Since I have lost ALL of my designer sunglasses (most likely in one drunk day at the tiki bar) I have no use for this. A girl can dream.

So here's my deal.

Anyone have any tips on scarf management? My collection is out of control. Ironic, since I live in FL.

25 December 2009

Crazy pills

West Elm Sheepskin Pouf on sale

Someone please tell me this is crazy...I kinda want it.

I have been sweating this chair for about 3 years as well:

Merry Christmas!

Higgins: Ok, crazylady, put me down.

Please excuse the mess of Imperial Trellis while we renovate.

Happy Holidays to all of you out there...I'll be back on Monday when my next project arrives from Zgallerie!

23 December 2009

More progress.

Was very surprised at my own strength last night when I hauled a 40" LCD TV into the apartment last night. It's all good if you can slide the thing. I reckon I'll start deadlifting TVs in lieu of working out.

I think I'm taking Jenny's advice on just skirting a console table (see below) so I can hide my DVDs and unmentionables underneath. Minus the played out foo dogs.

Palmer Weiss

21 December 2009

The Ultimate Studio Apartment


...belongs to Carrie Bradshaw.
Here's the revamped version for the SATC movie.

Notice the use of rugs to define spaces as well as the use of the built in entertainment center for storage. I'm hotly debating doing an entertainment center for the tv I'm purchasing this week. Any thoughts?

Early Xmas to Me!

What's better than getting a 20% off  coupons in the mail to Bed Bath from your parents?? Getting a gift card from your stepsister and using that WITH the coupon to splurge on something you want but don't necessarily need.

 Thanks, Sammy!
Now I don't have to sit in the sink to do my makeup! xo

I also got to work changing the shower head today.

Don't hate on my loofah gloves.

Still on the fence on this one.
Doesn't it look like less water is coming out?

19 December 2009

Hotel Luv

Hotel Keppler, France. Notice the delicious sheers. I need me some of those.

Ok, the zebra mirror is plain icky and Patrick Cline shot these images much better for this last Lonny Magazine. Alas, I cannot gank them off the Lonny site so I had to go hunting. These are from http://www.keppler.fr/.

I think those are Baker chairs. Saw them at DCOTA earlier this year. The loops at the back are GENIUS. Makes pulling them out easier and very chic.


ganked from MFAMB

This image is everything I have been talking about for weeks: the wrap-around upholstered headboard, the faux fur throw, the sconces...

Zgallerie has a similar bed for a million bizzos  $1300. How on earth can I make this mine without breaking the bank???

17 December 2009

Project Inspiration: Bedroom

Ok, so I live in a studio now. The million dollar question is, "Where do you put the bed?" I've already ruled out a folding screen/shelving unit to help define bedroom space because this place is small and I do not want to chop it up further.

Please excuse the junk/mis-matched bedding (notice I went out and bought a faux fur throw?) and the sleeping lump of a mutt on the bed.

Last night it hit me like a ton of bricks: Ron Marvin (I unapologetically love this man's work) had almost the exact same layout in his Manhattan studio. So....here's my inspiration:

via Ron Marvin

15 December 2009

#12: Clean Slate.

Here's what I'm working with at #12.
All 688 sq ft. Check the odd angles for the closet and entry nook. That will be a challenge.

Here's the low-down. This place is MODERN. Gorgeous, but modern. It makes all of my trellis printed, sunburst mirror, brass-studded furniture feel a bit out of place. I think if I stick to neutral (pewter, taupe, platinum) furniture I can pull it off with my bold patterns and bright accent colors. Let's hope.

First orders of business: get a bed. I slept on an air mattress last night. I hereby promise to all of my house guests that for the rest of my life I will not subject you to the "oh, but it's so comfortable!" air mattress. It's garbage. Just the comings and goings of my 25# terrier were enough to launch me up in the air last night. If one of us turned over, the other would be launched off. Do not do this to your guests. Sleeping bags on hard tile would be better than this.

I will post on the bed-getting saga this weekend. Thanks to Dad and Carol for the early Christmas present!!

14 December 2009

Hook, line, sinker.

Here's the model studio in the new building I'm renting. This place SMELLS even better than it looks. Seriously, they're pumping in some kind of yummy tropical olfactory goodness that makes you immediately want to sign a lease and start decorating. If I were blind I would have rented this place based solely on how it smelled. Since I'm not blind, the way the model was decorated made me think twice about renting a studio.

It even made me overlook the canned "Florida Modern" decor.

Mine is going to be lot emptier, obviously. I picked this place primarily for safety and the fact that it's a management-owned rental property. With all of the foreclosures in South Florida (and everywhere else) I didn't want to pay someone's mortgage just to be evicted three months later. I'm pretty psyched.

I'll post my real photos tonight/tomororw.

12 December 2009

Saying Goodbye.

A lot has changed in the past few weeks and I will be saying goodbye to apartment #11. A house becomes a home when it is filled with things that tell your story and built on memories you made with the people you love. Here are some of the little things I'll miss the most about #11. I wanted to get them down before they are long forgotten.

10 December 2009

Faux pas?

I'm kinda intrigued by the faux fur throw -as-comforter idea. Granted, I am well aware that I live in FL, where the temp is currently over 85* with 90% humidity. Whatever. That's what AC is for. 



09 December 2009



This will be mine by end of January.

And for good measure, I'm throwing in something like this:

Brocade Home. 
Put this in the middle of my gigantic walk-in closet, complete w/ minibar full of champagne and vodka. 

A girl can dream, right?

Oh, and this rounds out the living room:

best buy. z gall. 

08 December 2009

#11: Look how far we've come.

Number eleven. The 11th apartment in almost as many years since I left the next in high school. The longest I've ever lived in one place. #11 was the place where we started from dirt, hunkered down, and made a house a home. I hope that I never forget this place, no matter how old I grow. 

The beginning: lots of crap, no style. Anonymous.


Dining nook:




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