10 January 2010

Guilty as charged.

I've been seriously MIA. I know. I feel guilty every day that I'm not blogging.

Here are some things I never expected would happen being newly single and newly apartmented.

You have a lot of free time. This free time does not entail decorating your empty, new apartment because frankly-it's depressing. So this is what you do instead.

1. Sleep.
2. Shop. NOT for groceries because you're never home for meals. That's because you:
3. Eat out every night. It's easy to find someone to eat with any day of the week.
4. Shop more. This holy grail of objects you know you need and want do not exist. Therefore you scour the same stores 1-3x per week hoping for a miracle and a major discount. Neither is happening.
5. Go out. Why not? There's no furniture to sit on in your apartment nor is their anything in your fridge but this:

6. Drive ridiculous sports cars. Since you're out a few nights a week, you're bound to convince some guy to drive his car. This week it was an M3.
7. Shop. Actually buy something but it's boring. Like pillows and towels.

When you do muster up the motivaiton to do something like complete your shower curtian project. The bitch downstairs from you calls security because you're banging too loud on her ceiling. (I'm waiting till midnight to finish so she really has something to complain about. Bwahahahahahah.)



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