27 January 2010

Paint. Oy!

Excuse the doggie blanket on the couch.
You do not want to buy a microfiber couch if you have a male dog. Don't ask.

Not dry yet. From left to right:
1. Behr Black Suede
2. Behr Sorcerer
3. Glidden Dark French Chocolate



So the swatches are dry and I painted bigger ones. The one thing that is driving me nuts is that the two Glidden swatches are semigloss which are really shinny and when I look at the wall from my bed, I can't even tell what color it is. So matte is the way to go.


  1. In the couch pic I like the last one. But in your second pick the middle is my favorite.

    maybe use a bigger sample. It's hard to tell with the smaller ones.

  2. good call. painting....posting updates in a few.

  3. you need to paint bigger test squares. one square foot each block, so you can see the color.
    then wait till the morning to see what you think in the sun/ morning light.

    have fun!

  4. black suede. middle looks blue last looks like puke.

  5. ladies. black suede looks like green baby poop in person...any other suggestions?

  6. I used an eggshell finish on my hershey chocolate bedroom paint.

    Try taking the middle color back to the paint store and have them add more black to it. See what happens.

  7. Try painting a square foot piece of posterboard and then move it around the room to see what you think.

    I have Benjamin Moore Black Beauty in my kitchen/dining room and I likey.



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