18 October 2010

More Art for Yo Face

Found this guy by perusing The Daily Beast tonight. Here we gooooo....

According to Wikipedia, many of Ian Davenport's works are made using gravity; the artist works are often made by pouring paint over a tilted surface. Dude uses syringes to systematically inject paint on to the canvas....I can't believe I keep finding these artists who create these amazing works with such a simple technique!

Davenport explained his technique last year for The Guardian that he has been challenging the conventions of painting from Day One. 

"I did all the things you're not supposed to do - you aren't meant to put oil paint and water paint together, so that's immediately the first thing I did. "

The artist says that once he discovered painting with syringes, he could concentrate on color and the sequence of color, rather than its placement.  The syringes allow the color to be applied precisely and predictably so he needn't worry about what the paint is going to do. Therefore, the focus is solely on the colors. 

YOU can do this. I can help! Art is affordable if you think outside the box!!

If you'd like to know more about Ian Davenport, try here:




  1. I love finding new techniques to use this ones sounds very interesting would like to try now where do I get syringes without sounding like I have a problem????

  2. try your restaurant supply store. I'm thinking turkey basters, etc.

  3. I did my drippy painting and it looks awesome!!!! Pics on the blog soon!



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