31 January 2010

More dark and gorgeous.


How gorgeous is this? I love the art and the glass/chromey coffee table.

30 January 2010

27 January 2010

Paint. Oy!

Excuse the doggie blanket on the couch.
You do not want to buy a microfiber couch if you have a male dog. Don't ask.

Not dry yet. From left to right:
1. Behr Black Suede
2. Behr Sorcerer
3. Glidden Dark French Chocolate



So the swatches are dry and I painted bigger ones. The one thing that is driving me nuts is that the two Glidden swatches are semigloss which are really shinny and when I look at the wall from my bed, I can't even tell what color it is. So matte is the way to go.

26 January 2010

Art: Helmut Newton

Ok so posting twice in one day. I know. Not like me. However after posting below, I got to thinking of what kind of art I want in my house.

Helmut Newton. Genius. I just Googled him (surprise!) and found this:

Anyone see Lady Gaga's Paparazzi video??? A direct quote of this image.


May be a little more tame for when the parents visit.


Fashion Designer, Jason Wu's Living Room
via NYtimes

Yes, yes. I know. When are you painting, Courtney???
I'm scoping out paint at Home Depot tonight, I promise. Girl's been busy grinding hard on the day job to afford the trimmings of her hobby at home. Work is crazy right now but I'm going at it with the hopes that it will help pay off subsequent decor debts. You all know the drill.

Check out this image above. My accent wall (black) behind the new couch will feature some kind of bright art...prob a BANKSY print. Google him. Then thank me.

While you're at it, Google Jason Wu. Thank me again.

24 January 2010


Aaron Hom
Boops directed me to this via Desire to Inspire.

Check the Y3 football. This is so Miami. You know, no big deal, let's hit the beach and throw around our Y3 football around while we drink orange mocha frappachinos! Maybe we'll get into a gasoline fight later.

Anyway, I LOVE this LACK bookcase. Soooo simple and cheap!

Back in Black

I'm seriously contemplating a black wall for my desk/bookshelf area.
How badass would a black wall look with white furniture behind my grey couch?? I say F it, it's only a rental.
Plus, it's a well-known fact in these parts that practically the female Johnny Cash. It's only fitting.



Nicole Sassman via Decor8

22 January 2010

LACKing nothing


I'm loving the simplicity and the graphic contrast of the IKEA LACK shelf. Getting one this weekend, prob tomorrow AM if I'm not hung over ;)

Does anyone have one of these? Submit me pics because I cannot style a bookcase for shit.


My couch came in on Weds. Please excuse the mess. And I know, the pillows are all wrong.

The couch is very deep and comfy. I came home yesterday and Higgins had not moved from the couch all day, nor did he leave it to greet me. Think somone's a fan??

Updates this weekend. Disco ball, paint (hopefully).

20 January 2010

Frosting: Your Questions Answered

Frosting glass is as easy as spray paint. Here are some of the details from my Entertainment Doors project.

Stencils: I was lucky enough to come across scrapbooking overlays at Michaels this summer. Why not tape off stripes, or better yet, use LACE?
Materials: 3M General Purpose "45" Spray Adhesive. This is supposed to be the least permanent and not as tacky. You need to lay your stencil flat on the ground, on a garbage bad (to ensure no dirt from the ground sticks to your spray mounted stencil). Apply a dusting of adhesive and wait. You will need this to lose some of its tack. I waited about 30 seconds. The longer you wait the easier it will be to take the stencil off the door. I was able to re-use mine twice before it got grubby or I got tearing.

Rustoleum Specialty Frosted Glass. Once your stencil is placed on the inside of your door, spray away. Work about 6 inches away from the glass to ensure an even coating, extending past the edges of the door (make sure you tape these off). Wait about a minute and repeat until you achieve the level of opaqueness you want. I went with two coats.

****The key here is that you need to SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE this can. I did not do it as much and the first door came out a little gritty. The application got much smoother on the subsequent doors. Also, this stuff WILL stratch off. May be good for mistakes, but be careful after it dries.******

Now, make sure you take the doors off your unit and tape off the perimeter. Then, spray away! This is how the glass looked with one coat.

I hope this helps. There have been some questions whether the remotes work thru the glass---YES! That's the reasoning behind the frosting and using the stencil. It's opaque, but not too much.

Please email me with any frosting projects you do yourself and don't hesitate to comment back with any questions!

19 January 2010

Over at YHL-Reader Redesign: Feeling Frosty

Check my frosting project over at Young House Love! This one's an oldie but goodie, espeically for bathroom windows or entertainment centers.

16 January 2010

Oh no she didn't....

Oh, yes, I did.
$29.99 at Homegoods this week. This is going up today. Why not have a disco ball in your walk in closet?

10 January 2010


I couldn't find a shower curtain I liked. Typical. So I made my own. Here's how:

1. Bought a curtain pannel from Zgallerie. Thankfully, it was wide enough for my shower stall.

2. Cut holes in the top and inserted grommets.

Guilty as charged.

I've been seriously MIA. I know. I feel guilty every day that I'm not blogging.

Here are some things I never expected would happen being newly single and newly apartmented.

You have a lot of free time. This free time does not entail decorating your empty, new apartment because frankly-it's depressing. So this is what you do instead.

1. Sleep.
2. Shop. NOT for groceries because you're never home for meals. That's because you:
3. Eat out every night. It's easy to find someone to eat with any day of the week.
4. Shop more. This holy grail of objects you know you need and want do not exist. Therefore you scour the same stores 1-3x per week hoping for a miracle and a major discount. Neither is happening.
5. Go out. Why not? There's no furniture to sit on in your apartment nor is their anything in your fridge but this:

6. Drive ridiculous sports cars. Since you're out a few nights a week, you're bound to convince some guy to drive his car. This week it was an M3.
7. Shop. Actually buy something but it's boring. Like pillows and towels.

When you do muster up the motivaiton to do something like complete your shower curtian project. The bitch downstairs from you calls security because you're banging too loud on her ceiling. (I'm waiting till midnight to finish so she really has something to complain about. Bwahahahahahah.)

08 January 2010

Sheer magic.

I'm posting some progress. Excuse the mess.
IKEA VIVAN curtain panels 2 for $14.99. You can't beat that deal with a stick.

03 January 2010


Even Zgallerie has a few misses now and then. Wowza.

This looks like it was decopaged from turtle poop.

Here's the kicker:

Vase - 15" $49.95
Vase - 26" $59.95
Bowl - 22" $69.95

01 January 2010


I have become a complete degenerate and feel like this:

My motivation for projects has reached a stand-still. Maybe something will pop off this weekend. If not, no posts until I can generate an original thought.

ps-anyone interested in delivering me gatorade? I like the purple kind. Thanks.
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