27 February 2010

Still looming

This winged headboard thing won't go away! I've already decided that I cannot afford/will not pay for the Zgallerie Nina bed, therefore I need to make this myself.

I Google-ed "DIY Upholstery" and may have solved our ottoman problem. This site sells legs, foam, materials, and the ottoman frame. Now I haven't done the math, but this may actually save a few bucks. Hell, at least you get exactly what you want if you make it yourself.

26 February 2010

It's Pink.

I knew this would happen...rug's pink. This is what I get when I said, "oh mauve? i bet it's more on the purple side..."

Here's what it looks like in my room. WTF. Someone please tell me it's ok.

Return or make this work? Higgins is a fan but I'm dispondent.

25 February 2010


You know what, UPS? You fucking suck.
So what if it's 6:50pm and you're done at 7pm. Suck it up, make one more call, and deliver my rug. Ironical, as this is a mircosm of my own work life but we're not talking about me.

24 February 2010

Are You Serious?

 Rug got pushed out till tomorrow. Srsly? So enjoy this image while I sulk.


22 February 2010

Daily Dog

Big pimpin...spendin zs....

Rug arrives Weds. Can't WAIT. This could go really, really good. Or I'll cry. And I don't need that this week.

19 February 2010

Art: Inspiration

My boyfriend, Ron marvin made this.

I need something to go over my desk. Gonna hit up Pearl Art Store this wknd and experiment w/ canvas.

17 February 2010

West Izzzelm!!!

Went to the new Hallandale Beach store today...amazing. The merchandizing was great, awesome little vinettes. It took a lot of restraint not to buy the whole store (not like I have the paper for that)!

Here's my new desk. NOT styled, just chillin. With a random chair I have.

****Please email me with any pictures of how you accessorize/style your West Elm Parsons desk. ESPECIALLY how you are organizing the drawers! They are sooo shallow...what do you put in there??***

courtneyvelasco at gmail(dot)com

Best Elm

I need a desk...badly. This week I'm going to check out the new West Elm in Hallandale Beach, FL and scoop up their Parsons Desk. Here's some love. This never gets old for me. What a great desk.

Apartment therapy

Domino via decorpad.com

Updates after Thursday!!

14 February 2010


F you, Valentines Day.

Please remove the tourists walking the beach in red Juicy jumpsuits. I want to walk my dog in peace.

BTW, Boops, another Banksy.


Just threw down and purchsed a rug online at Bed Bath. Am I nuts? Has anyone done a remote rug purchase?

The desription says that this is "mauve." It is also sold on Overstock.com and Macys.com and the pics show it more on the purple side.

Bed Bath had the best deal for about $300 and change after shipping and tax. Macys wants an arm and a leg (over five hundo).

13 February 2010

Sexy as hell

Heart David Jimenez

Holy god. The texture in this room is to die for.

All images on Decorpad.com

07 February 2010

Paint Progress.

Please excuse the mess and the un-styled book case. That will have to wait until I return from my business trip this week.

So after some sanding, priming, and painting...I'm all done! There are a couple of spots where I need to take off the tape but I'll wait until I get a ladder. I am thrilled with the color and cannot wait to get to work on the desk area when I return!

06 February 2010

Brainstorming Ottomans

I need an ottoman. Here's what's knocking around my head:
Jonathan Adler via Decorpad.com

Heather Garrett

Ralph Lauren

All images via Decorpad.com


Brandon Barre Photography: http://www.brandonbarre.com/
via Decorpad.com

I love everything about this room. The graphic wallpaper in a geometric pattery--so me. Tufted furniture? Check. Awesome mirror, lamps? Check. Check.

You can bury my here.

05 February 2010

Closet Disco

Home sick. Absolutely exhausted from this week preparing for next week's meeting in Vegas. I took a break from sleeping to put this up. Tough life, I know.

Notice the growing collection of "Tough Boots" I've got going. I may need an intervention soon.

03 February 2010

First Coat.

So this is it with the first coat. Above is my attempt in following This Old House's direcitons on painting a room. Apparently my "M/W" roller technique left much to be desired. It needs a second coat and the area where I painted the test samples is visible because they were semi gloss. Any advice to getting rid of that?

It is fucking purple and I love it. So glad I didn't go with black. And BTW-Lowes/Home Depot/Sherwin can suck it for having NO black-ish colors.

Higgins is hardly impressed with such a bold color choice. He's hard at work beheadding one of his babies.

02 February 2010

Today is the day...

Pics up tonight/tomorrow. Went with the deep purple on the right.

...painting, bitches.
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