31 March 2010

The saga continues...

Went to Home Depot to take the plunge with the paint....walked out with a sample. FML.
Behr's Pewter Mug on Left
Glidden's Warm Grey Flannel on Right

Pewter Mug.

It didn't work out. The Pewter Mug is too blue. The Warm Grey Flannel is too purple. You can really see the contrast here. Had dinner w/ my color guru and she says go lighter but in the same family as WGF.
Back to the drawing board.

29 March 2010

Aw, shucks.

Erica over at Moth Design nominated me for a Happy 101 blog award over the weekend.
I'm blushing.
It's really nice to know that all of you are out there, checking  in, and rooting me on...especially since my project motivation and creative juices have been running on the low side lately. It's definitely re-motivating.

The award states that you must list 10 things that make you happy and nominate 10 other blogs.
Here goes:

1. Mr. Man

2. The fact that I live here:
3. And do this weekly with my gfs:
4. After we drink a ton of this:

and this:

5. And later I have to drink this:

and eat this:

6. What's even better is that despite my hangover, I manage to look fabulous because I keep my hair short like this:

7. While I recover, I troll the internet checking on this:

8. ...and reminisce on how simple life was when I lived here:
9. Which now brings me to think that I never thought I'd live here:
in the middle of this:

10. And now I'm here:

with this:
And best of all, I have all of you watching me turn it into something fabulous!

Passing this forward, here's 10 blogs that you need to peep:

28 March 2010


Much love to Jenny at MFAMB for the awesome craigslist finds. Unfortch, I left the day her Miami Craigslist post dropped to go home to Rhody for the estrogen superbowl, ahem, I mean baby shower. Got back Monday...most of the pieces are still avail and I'll be working on some Craigslist purchases this week.

Meanwhile, I have NOT picked out paint for my walls, did NOT order the bed I posted about because I still have cold feet and am secretly toying with making my own headboard, but I DID end up f-ing around with the sconces next to my bed.

Yes. the left is a whole INCH higher than the right. f me. I'll fix it later.

A close up of the King shams my brother's gf sent me home with last weekend. Such a high thread count...and I didn't have to do laundry because they were clean. I'm such a slacker.

I've got a lot to do but no motivation. That wall needs to be painted. It will be completed by my bday (which is 4/25. I'm planning on throwing a party for myself. Why not.)

16 March 2010

Stalking: Lofts

Just found this on FLL Craigslist. Many people, myself included, love the idea of a loft but what do you do to soften how industrial it looks in order to live there?? Check it.

According to the post, this apartment was "designed by top Florida designers...and had been featured in Florida International and City and Shore Magazines." Completely furnished and ready for your to buy for me at a cool $600k.  My bday is coming up, you know...

15 March 2010

Another million ways to spend a bonus (aka my mental madness)

My sales bonus is burning a hole in my pocket. Don't worry Mom and Dad, I haven't really spent a lick due to the fact that I'm utterly paralyzed project-wise. What if I buy something and it sucks, a-la-the "Rug Debacle"? What if there is something else better and cheaper out there?

I'm working on the bed situation. Here's what I'm knocking around in my head.

First, it started here with the Zgallerie Nina bed. It's way too expensive and not white enough.  Loved the wrap around headboard but by now it's not a deal-breaker if I don't have one.

So from there, I looked into beds with tall, white upholstered leather headboards. Really expensive.
More expensive than Nina bed.

You have to check out the little glass feet on this.
Cheaper than Nina but about a grand and change.  

Is this for real?? $500-ish for a queen?
Somebody pinch me.

Ok, so bring me back down to Earth. I really don't need a full bed. So I got into looking at headboards...

ebay for $456

Target for $299. Caveat: It's microfiber, aka it LOOOOVES stains.

Please be brutally honest. I'm leaning toward spending the extra two hundo and buying a full bed (middle bed pic).

14 March 2010

11 March 2010


My buddy called me today looking for barstools for his kitchen island. Whether you like it or not, this is THE place people congregate when you have a house party, so you better come correct with your chair game.

When it comes to guys, their only request is that the furniture they have is comfortable. I'm sure you've all heard this from your husbands/sig other/bf/bff/etc....but it's gotta look good, let's face it.

Here are my suggestions for ballin on a budget (with comfort in mind!) from Overstock.com:



The only caveat would be to make sure that the measured height is the seat height. Both of these versions boast an 30" + height which would be great a counter height. For reference, the desk chair I'm sitting in is about 17" high. Anything above 30" will surely get your elbows on the counter.

10 March 2010


So how doyou motivate yourself to get started on a project?

You throw something up on the wall using a small sample pot of paint, forcing you to continue over the wekened.

Started edging on Monday night.

It's up, it's final, gotta finish.

08 March 2010

Bed "room"

'Scuse the mess. I am taking a break from edge-ing the molding, etc on my paint project (yes, I actually started today!). These are the lamps that were in my desk area and I wanted to try them on in the bed "room." It's a tight squeeze and my main concern is that when I get a headboard in there, it's going to be awfully crowded. I only have about 90" and a Queen bed runs 60" wide. That leaves me less than 30" on each side for nightstands and lamps.

I started researching bedside shelves instead.I have two black wall brackets in storage that can support a small lamp. Here's what I dug up online.



Glazed stripes

What if we applied a random stripe pattern...plus a irridescent glazed paint.


This is the shizznit.

Just rockin some ideas for my bedroom wall/hallway/foyer paint project.

I'm thinking I'll paint the walls with a grey/purple (Gliden Warm Flannel) and then do a stripe overlay with a silver irridescent paint. This place needs some sparkle and pizzaz.

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