17 April 2010

Small Cool Luv

Some great pics from Apartment Therapy's Small Cool contest. Here are my favs:

In love w/ Ruben of Miami!!!

Maximizing the Living Room

Candice Olsen had a great idea on this afternoon's episode (Jyoti's Living and Dining Room) of Divine Design where she maximized seating in a cramped living room by wall mounting the tv and putting a bench below. If I could steal images from her website, I'd show you but go here.

This idea was also done for Carrie Bradshaw's new apartment in SACT the Movie.

I was thinking this could be done by buying some sturdy shelves from IKEA and getting a cushion upholstered to set on top of the console/bench.

Even something like this could be cool and you could put cushions on top to invite guests to sit.

May be a little too pricey and complicated.

15 April 2010

Bathroom Inspiration

Kelly Wearstler via Apartment Therapy

I know, I've been missing. I haven't been painting.
I HAVE, however, been living it up. Please forgive me.

Bought some accessories for the bathroom yesterday at HomeGoods.
For peaceful pooping:
I haven't been able to find a good hand towel rack. They're all cheesy and I can't find any hand towels that don't drag on the counter when you hang them on said rack. I had the idea of using an urn instead. Check it out:
Behind me is the birth of the famous "Wall of Fame/shame"

Think the guests will figure it out?

06 April 2010


Happy early bday to me.
Purchasing tomorrow AM.

The Banksy obsession continues.
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