29 May 2010

Quick Fix: Opening up

 Here's what $50 bucks and 15 minutes can do to a room. I have a huge space if you think about it: 10ft ceilings, an open floor plan, and plenty of light thanks to gigantic sliders that span the width of my studio. Still, light is an issue, especially at night. Here's what I did with five, $5 full length mirrors from Target.

First, affix 6 3M Command Velcro strips (1 package per mirror= $5 per @ $25 total)
Lay out, measure, level, and affix to wall. Total time: 15 mins.

25 May 2010


A belated bday present.

This baby's on sale at Zgallerie, FYI.

And no, I haven't styled my bookcase yet.

19 May 2010

God Bless America

This is the epitome of class and pure American style. There's a friggin armrest with CUPHOLDERS in this BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now you never have to leave the confines of your bed. Drink your diet Cokes, eat Cheetoes, and watch trash tv.

We're all going to hell.

18 May 2010

I rike.


Paint project is nonexistant. Maybe a viable option?

11 May 2010


Higgies and I found these gems on the side of the road on Monday. I mean, this is stuff that's gotta be custom-made. One of a kind, ladies and gents!

It's like Captain Jack decided to live a dry life and take a bit o' the sea with him. They're a bit worse for wear but they may be salvagable (SARCASM).

Higgies peed on them. Not impressed.

10 May 2010

Well, Duh.

I'm back after almost a month hiatus. Thank you for the birthday wishes and for checking in on me. Truth is that April is/was the consummate birthday month. Each weekend brought the celebration of some very special people in my life, with the final weekend being my own. I actually had people over the house despite the fact that it's "in shambles" and not decorated. Everyone loved it despite the mess and I urge you all to not be so hard on yourselves as we're all design-a-philes and are our own toughest critics.

I will say that I'm inspired again and burnt out on partying. I'm ready to start again on my apartment. I had  "Duh!" moment today while contemplating my foyer. As you all know, I HATE the red table and have been debating mirroring/silver leafing/spraypainting it to rid it of it's red-ness. Then I realized I had the old cover I sewed for it last summer. Seriously. 10 second upgrade!!! Check it out.

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