27 June 2010

Better Late Than Never

Remember my upholstry project about a year ago? I still haddn't gotten around to putting the nail head trim around the bottom of the chair to mask the unfnished edges of the slipcover. I decided to tackle it today.

Use pliers to place where you want the nail and to prevent bent nails.
I used a rubber mallet to avoid denting the wood frame.
PS-I ran out of nails so it's not finished...maybe in another six months.

26 June 2010


West Elm does something a little more up my alley....is that velvet I spy?

Yeah, so there's now way that into Month 7 of living here that I'm making my own headboard. Maybe I'll just charge it?

25 June 2010

Hullo, gorgeous.

Entire set is under $1000

I've been doing a lot of entertaining and cooking (!!!!!) while I've been away which has been shocking to all. My ghetto fab dining set is not cutting it. My girls need a proper table to spread out empty wine and champagne bottles (last dinner party: 5 bottles of wine, 2 champ on a Weds for 5 girls).

And check this out: I'm in LOVE with these chairs...

I may just say f it, let's charge something....I would really rather not start turning tricks for furniture funds on my weekends.

24 June 2010

A Dogs Life

What a life. Passed out on the patio on a 90* day.

If you've never seen a dog nursing on a blanket, here you go.
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