31 July 2010

For all you textilphiles and design renegades

My amazingly creative friend posted this to my facebook this week and I wanted to share with you guys.

Spoonflower is a site that prints fabric that YOU design. No, seriously. With no order minimums.



This pattern made me think of sevral of you preppy types.

night berries

Alice Vintage Border and Text

La Chasse

I put the last two in to show you that this is NO JOKE. Check the detail in the printing.

Even more exciting is that Spoonflower holds contests. They assign a subject. For example, there is a deadline this Monday for your best camouflage.The winning fabric is then promoted throug their weekly email, blog, etc. as a fabric for sale. You get a 10% cut of the sales of hte fabric you designed, as well as credits on the site, and a $100 prize.

Here's your shot to give that Trina Turk lady a run for her money.

Be sure to give me a shoutout when you make it big.

30 July 2010

Daily Dog(s)

Higgies has a friend visiting for the weekend. Ever wonder what they're watching?
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29 July 2010

Great grab

I snagged two wrought iron patio chairs this am while running errands between calls. Two chairs for $69. Can't beat that with a stick!

They go great with the white balcony railing. It's hard to find anything other than wicker and brown patio furniture and it is all over priced. I am glad I held out for something white.
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Hunting today

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blow up.

A few days ago, LGN did a post on enlarged posters and macro art.
I immediately thought of this photo, but totally forgot where I got it.

Do you have any objects at home that would look great blown up?
Foreign currency would look fantastic framed.
I have some money from the Philippines my grandparents gave me years ago....

28 July 2010

um, lady....your bag is melting...

Zevs is another brilliant graffiti artist you should check out.
Great take on the Takashi Murikami print that's practically EVERYwhere now.
("Now" as in, anyone with a credit card can stroll up to LV and purchase an overpriced, overrated purse.)
Article here.

27 July 2010


I should have been born a boy.

This apartment is my jam. If I take the shine down, it's doable.

Oh, welcome to where the magic happens. Sub out the tin foil headboard.

Lay on my rug...wait, that sounds like...nevermind

I'm ripping off that Chanel painting.

That beaded curtain is a staple at many a W hotel.

The pool table has to go. Sub in something glass and chrome and surround it with more baroque chairs.

All images are from  here
Entire apartment is from the new W Residences in Hollywood. 

25 July 2010

Fine line

nate berkus

I want your opinions on accent colors. Where is the fine line drawn between perfect and matchy-matchy?

I'm going hot pink crazy and these ottomans are making me realize that.

20 July 2010

Thank you: These ottomans are teh suck.

You guys were right. These ottomans are SO ghetto.

Really? Really.
I will stare you down until you remove these offensive, pink blocks.
The scale sucks, the color's horrible. What were you thinking???

I'm putting off the inevitable:

18 July 2010

Sunday Progress

Target ottomans $17 each on sale.
Higgins and I are still debating, hence the tages are still on.

I also primed over the purple swatches I threw up a few MONTHS ago.
This area of my apartment taunts me and all my friends tease me that this is the bane of my existance.
"You paint yet?"

As you can see, I'm contemplating a headboard.

Photos by Crackberry...


I need this.

What are the chances Kinkos will print me this???

14 July 2010

Please Help

Decided to paint a garden stool that didn't match my current decor. Things started off well with the primer...

Then, i moved on to the metallic spray paint. I was envisioning a chromed-look.
I got tin foil instead.

Any suggestions? I tried distressing it a bit by rubbing black craft paint on the edges and then used a spray lacquer which did absolutely nothing.

Have you had any success spraypainting ceramic and if so, what products did you use?

12 July 2010

Rug Update-The One.

Amazing. Love. The One.

Please excuse the poor photo quality; my digi cameral has died so this is from my crackberry.

08 July 2010

Blog Obsession: Decor Demon

Found this on All The Best today.

Thank me later.

Rug arrives today, supposedly.
Apartment is a hot mess...been rearranging furniture.

Yes, all three pieces of it.

07 July 2010

Another Rug.

Boom. Coming today...maybe.
Ps: it's on sale.

Hopefully I can post pics this week to show you it in the living room. My camera suffered some salt water poisoning during a kayak excursion in the Keys this weekend. (Time for the digiSLR???)

01 July 2010

Guess where..

...I was on Monday???

Went to Montreal on a whim to see Lady Gaga. I saw her last April in Fort Lauderdale when all she had was a smoke machine and some backup dancers. This time, the production obviously has the funding for a great show.

She did not disappoint. The show ran nonstop close to two hours and it was full-out, balls to the wall performances of her entire catalogue. I'm even more in love with Lady Gaga especially after seeing this show because it's evident she's doing this for the fans. "Tonight, " she said, "The freaks are all outside." Meaning, that for one night the fans could let their freak flag fly and be at home. It's pretty moving to see that this artist is an icon and a beacon for kids who don't normally have a voice in the media. That is going to set her apart from Madonna, et al.

Ok, now on to the rest of my trip. Stayed at the Opus hotel in downtown MTL and the decor made me pee my pants. It's me in a nutshell.
This is me making love to the chairs in the bar.
Said chairs.
Some chandelier love from the Crystal.

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