31 August 2010

New Look, Big Things

I'm currently in progress in revamping my look because this is how I feel about the current aesthetics of the BBB. It's pretty bare bones now...a bandaid until I cave and find a designer for my blog template. Any suggestions?

I'm working on the layout and am crafting a little more in-depth "About Court" section, as I've had many requests on the state of affiars of my hairs. Perhaps a montage is in order??

I'm off  to Boston/NH this LDW for a wedding, granted if Earl lets me go.

Stay tuned, loves.
And yes, cleave is possible with the nubra (this one is NOT spraymounted into the dress) and a little elbow grease.

xoxoxo court

30 August 2010

Reader's Project: Easy Art

My good friend, Jenn put together what I call "Easy Art" in a matter of minutes and for a little cash.

All materials were bought at Joann Fabrics. The frames were $7.99/each, the scrapbooking paper was $9.99 on sale.

Jenn says that it took all of ten minutes to complete. Now, how's that for some elegance with zero effort??

***If YOU have a project you'd like to show off, please contact me at courtneyvelasco at gmail dot com.***

27 August 2010

Baggin w/ Tamara Styles of GIGS

The lovely Tamara Sytles of Get It Girl Style just started a feature on her blog called "Baggin," which gives you a sneak peek into the handbags of some fabulous ladies.

And this chick was featured today.

If you think I'm random and weird, check what was in my bag last week on her site.

Get Right

I am not one to cop a knock off when it comes to fashion. Mainly becuase I am afraid that snarky people like me will point and stare and judge. (You should see how rabid I get when I see a fake LV bag and I don't even own one!)

But I had to do this:

At this point, I do not have $1900 bucks to spend on Loubs from two seasons ago.

BUT, my homegirl just opened an online boutique and I can't pass up another opportunity to rock these babies.

I'm gonna feel like JLo in her floppy hat phase.

I will be heavily promoting La La Couture when my girl Molly goes live with her new website soon. For now, you can friend La La on Facebook to see her inventory and message her for purchase. If you're local to the South Florida area, there are trunk shows lined up for the next few weeks.

We're off to shoot for her Fall Lookbook on Saturday with Yours Truly modeling some of her clothes.

I highly recommend LaLa Couture for all of your fashion wants, needs, and 'emergencies.' And see if she has what we call "THE DRESS," which I wore on my first date with Mr Fabulous and pretty much sealed the deal.

Oh, and be sure to mention you're one of my blog homies. xo.

25 August 2010

Bathroom gallery wall

Still in progress....trying to track down more 8x10s at the 'Jay later. (As in Tar-jay).

Don't you love my murda'd out work ensemble? Still haven't figured out that I live in Florida...still holding on to my Boston side...
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23 August 2010

In love with: Fire Island

I spent this past weekend falling in love with Fire Island. It would be like if Narragansett slept with Newport for one night just to get a tiny bit classier.

I'm covered in mosquito bites but am a very happy camper.

Am now saving pennies for my beach house.

Any FI stories to share?

Case of the Mondays

Back from an amazing weekend on Fire Island.

Reality bites.
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17 August 2010

eat, pray, lovED.

Ok. I read the reviews on EOS, etc and maybe I'm just easily pleased.

I loved this movie.

Would you blame E Gilbert for wanting Julia to play her in her own movie??

Come on! Who would you choose to play you if your life was going to be made into a major film?

Anyway, loved it.
Plus, it's fantastic watching this kind of movie with a bunch of queens.
***FYI Tuesday night is $6 movie at the Gateway in FLL***


16 August 2010


I thought the "Wall O' Shame" project in the bathroom would take no time at all. Right. Who are we talking about here?

First of all, I never measure. I set out to do it then my whole "I can't let measuring hold the creative process back BS" kicks in and all of a sudden the whole pattern I laid out on the floor for a half an hour goes out the window.

This means that the 3M velcro strips that I bought for $8 a pack @ 2 packs goes to waste as I'm re-arranging the booboos I've created. In addition to that, something has to break and I drop a frame. Man down.

After all that huffin and puffin, I'm not done. And my Target is out of green frames (I will pick some up this week at the millionth other Target in Lauderdale).

PS. I'm going to be layering frames on top of each other. That velcro stuff is the shizznit.

14 August 2010

Jumped the shark

Look at what I found at HomeGoods.

This trend has officially jumped the shark. Sorry.
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13 August 2010

Local blogger meetup

Looking for local design-philes and bloggers to start a meetup.

If you are in the FLL/MIA area or know a friend or blogger who is, contact me.

It's time to step out from behind the computer and into the sunshine.

PS, I live here. If I start complaining please put me back in my place.

12 August 2010

For my next trick...

Stay tuned....the madness continues.
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11 August 2010

More Art for #12

Another Zevs rip off. Sorry, dude.

Had this sent off to a site online that makes gigantic pics.
Frame from Tar-jay, $24 bucks!

I cleaned up my desk for the sake of this photo.
Can anyone suggest a good white lacquered tray for my test crap?

04 August 2010

Grand Finale

Because I can't get/afford this:

Per the artist:
"Of course, there is a graffiti aesthetic to my art but I primarily play with the visual effect. I use the original colours and re-paint the logo with excess. By pouring paint over them, the logo dissolves in front of the viewer’s eyes, drawing attention to, and visually disturbing the recognisable and omnipresent trademark. By doing so, I try to investigate the logo’s visual power. It’s a simple gesture, just as in Aikido when you reverse the power and change the flow of energy." Interview with PingMag, 11 August 2008


Yes, it's not perfect. No, I do not care.

It looks awesome in my hallway.

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