30 September 2010

LBD For Lamps

Yesterday,  Jen Ramos at Made By Girl commented on the popularity of the black lampshade. I think she was good luck because I found two matching lampshades at The 'Jay (Tar-Jay, that is) for my bedside lamps. I've been dragging my feet on changing these lampshades out and I couldn't pass this up.

Here's the quick transformation.


I love these lamps but was never keen on the cream lampshades.
Check this out.


My blackberry pics don't do this justice. If you remember, my digital camera died in July. I'm debating a compact digital or a DSLR. 

Don't judge the 'bedroom' area. I need to repaint over some experiments and work on some bedside tables.

I HAVE To get this apartment done. Any suggestions on headboard/bedding??

29 September 2010

Real estate envy: I love college

Did you ever think how much it would cost you to rent your college dorm?

I got to thinking about this over the past week when I regretted that I never took up the offer to live in the Student Village my Junior year at Boston University.  Take a look at the view.


BU's Student Village (StuVee) is comprised mostly of quads roughly 1100 sq ft each, 4 bed, 2 bath, and a shared kitchen.  It costs $4993 a month, or $1200 a student.  

Now, put your grown-up hat on. This apartment is to die for. The building boasts 24 hr security (something that was a huge pain in the ass when you had to check in your BF every evening, but think of how many of us would KILL for a doorman building), a cafe downstairs, and access to the city's most ridiculous fitness center/arena.  


Here's the upriver view from the 25th floor student lounge. You bet your ass this is the place to study to be see and be seen. 

You wanna see where I ended up??

In a 7x9 ft room in a very cute brownstone in South Campus. 

It was off the beaten path over the Mass Pike in Brookline. Second floor of a walk up. Super cute. 

But I was clueless on the decor!!! 

I can only think of what I could do NOW to a dorm room. 

28 September 2010

Buy Me This

Reminds me of the pyrite here.

Kevin Sharkey's closet via Maaaartha.

This would make such a badass paperweight for my desk. 
I constantly have my ceiling fan going on warp speed, sending my papers and receipts flying around the room. Plus, it's sweet with an edge. Toes the line of sweet without being too saccharine. 

My Christmas wish list has started. Hint, hint...

25 September 2010

Artists: A Zevs Follow-Up

image and content from: freshnessmag.com

Love this. 

"In preparation for his first solo exhibition in Hong Kong’s Art Statements Gallery, Parisian graffiti artist ZEVS decided to take a brief detour a few hours ago for a “bombing” run.  Armed with a ladder, black paint, factitious cleaning crew outfit and barricade tape,  he went on to adorn the signage of CHANEL – Central District flagship store with his signature “Liquidated” motif…  Unfortunately, local law enforcements were notified and ZEVS was arrested soon after these images were taken… No news on whether he’s been release yet or whether he will make it to the opening of the exhibit this Tursday…"

Obsessed: Kate Lamphear

Kate Lamphear is the Senior Style Editor for  US Elle Magazine. 
And my platinum blonde soul sister.

I can't fucking deal with this. You have no idea what this image does for me.

I miss my hair.

To learn more about Kate, check out the following:


24 September 2010

Quick Fixes: Using Art to Hide Ick



You can't move a circuit breaker. Apartments aren't too keen on you painting over them either.

This was inspired by Christopher Wool and took all of twenty minutes. Nineteen of them were literally waiting for the paint to dry. 

Art Update

Waiting for this to dry.

Hanging in foyer. Updates soon.

Art: Christopher Wool

Bouncing this around in my head all week.
Google this guy. He did the washy grey abstract painting you see in this month's Elle Decor. 
You know, the one with the 11 ft tall model (Hana Soukupova)?
I bought a canvas to cover up the hideous circuit breaker in my foyer. 
Working on something this weekend that marries this with the formalish foyer I've created.

Working on getting the comments working. I hate not being able to hear from you all. 

22 September 2010

i'm here

I've been majorly MIA, I know. Thanks for the emails, thoughts, comments, etc. It means a lot. Just busy w/ work and revamping the BBB to make it even better for all of you!

Not sure if comments can be made since I switched over to the new template. I'm in the works of getting a new one designed. Meanwhile, I will be furiously working on the apartment for the reveal of the new site. For serious.

I swear I'm not home sitting on my ass. 

09 September 2010

Dear lord.

I die.

Check the rest of the collection. Pretty nice...but looks like an overpriced Malm set from IKEA.

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