28 October 2010

I'm bragging

If I haven't beaten you over the head with it yet, I have THE most creative and fabulous girlfriends.

Our mantra is to DIY on the cheap. Why pay full price when making something similar is cheaper and more rewarding?

With that said, my DIY maven Kristin started blogging again (yay!!!!) and just posted an amazing project.

Proenza Schouler $500

designNsuch $15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out Kristin's new blog here: http://designnsuch.wordpress.com/

And her project post here: http://designnsuch.wordpress.com/2010/10/

26 October 2010

Flashback: Copy and Print Art

Here's a flashback to Apt #11 and some quick art I whipped up. 


If you have a printer you can do this. 

Busy week ends Thursday and boy, do I have treats for you!!

25 October 2010

It's Officially Mainstream

For $379.95 any of these can be yours....and hers....and theirs...

Though, the Miami one is cute. AND I do like how Zgallerie made these look weathered. 

23 October 2010

Reader's Project: DIY Sconce

My dear friend, Kristin, is a DIY maven. I've seen her turn her husband's old shirt into an amazing strapless dress, she's mastered tie dye in a way that would blow your mind, and just last week this girl hand-painted leggings that rival this season's Proenza Schouler's. I'm serious. Girl sees something, she makes it. And it looks AMAZING.

Kristin is currently wrapping up a year-long gut renovation of her home. I'm drooling at the prospect of filling it with amazing furniture. Trust me, you'll see pics soon.

In the meantime, Kristin has been playing with various techniques to create hand-made sconces for her bed room. Here's the practice run she did on a vase using tissue paper and Mod Podge. I'm serious, people. This project cost all of $10.

You could apply this technique to nearly anything. 

What about the glass door fronts of your kitchen cabinets? You're probably not that great about styling them so why not hide the clutter?

You could do this to cheapie votive holders and customize them with your home's accent colors. 

The possibilities are endless. 

Send me your projects, I'd love to repost!!

22 October 2010

Whatup pup...

Baby Higgies. 
All of 18# and straight off the streets of Miami in 07.

He and I have a lot of blog content to pour over this weekend....maybe some projects, some bed bath...some home depot....

Happy Friday!

21 October 2010

Surf's up!

I'm sure all of you troll the internet for obscene amounts of time on a daily basis. I'm amazed of how many amazing blogs I discover on a daily basis. 

Here are a few, new-to-me blogs that have caught my eye this week that I'd like to share. 

via parlourhomeblog.com

1. http://www.parlourhomeblog.com/ - Nichole's coffee filter project (and insane living room) was featured today on Jen Ramos' Made By Girl blog. I almost fell off my chair looking at her NYC apartment.

2. http://timmythewienerdog.blogspot.com/-  First off, the title has the word wiener in it and Bri has an adorable dog. I'm a sucker for canines and profanity. Homegirl has some SERIOUS talent with upholstery and some amazing luck at the thrift store that would make Eddie Ross jealous. Oh, and she makes her own art work....a girl after my own heart.  

3. http://www.sohautestyle.com/- Yes, I'm officially the last person on the planet to discover this blog. 

Anyone have any good reads to suggest?

20 October 2010

The Next Big Thing

For all you hip hop fans....here's the future.
I know Dawaun from middle school. Google him. Kid's the truth. 

19 October 2010

Wah wah wee wah

Here's Robert Verdi and Deirdre D'Elia's landing in the Kips Bay Showhouse. 

The inky blue velvet couch strikes again....

18 October 2010

More Art for Yo Face

Found this guy by perusing The Daily Beast tonight. Here we gooooo....

According to Wikipedia, many of Ian Davenport's works are made using gravity; the artist works are often made by pouring paint over a tilted surface. Dude uses syringes to systematically inject paint on to the canvas....I can't believe I keep finding these artists who create these amazing works with such a simple technique!

Davenport explained his technique last year for The Guardian that he has been challenging the conventions of painting from Day One. 

"I did all the things you're not supposed to do - you aren't meant to put oil paint and water paint together, so that's immediately the first thing I did. "

The artist says that once he discovered painting with syringes, he could concentrate on color and the sequence of color, rather than its placement.  The syringes allow the color to be applied precisely and predictably so he needn't worry about what the paint is going to do. Therefore, the focus is solely on the colors. 

YOU can do this. I can help! Art is affordable if you think outside the box!!

If you'd like to know more about Ian Davenport, try here:



16 October 2010

Inspired by JCrew

I clipped this image from the JCrew Fall catalogue a month or two back because I love how the coral lipstick stands out in a wash of grey tweeds. Totally my style. 

I can't find the original online so I had to snap a pic in my closet where it hangs on my door. 

THEN, I was at CVS picking up shampoo and $50 dollars later I walked out with the perfect coral lipstick!!! (Don't you hate how CVS and The 'Jay are such a money pit? I don't even know why I walked out with two new lipsticks, new headbands for yoga, two trial sizes of hair straightening products, and the new Men's GQ???) 

Revlon Moon Drops Lipstick
Hot Coral
#7 at CVS

This black, white, grey, and coral could be a great color scheme for a room...

It automatically reminds me of a favorite Ron Marvin room. 
(yes, it's kind of orange. Ignore)


Getting much better...Maybe this will be new the color scheme if an apt #13 is in my future?

15 October 2010

Beds with the Furrrrrrr

Jenny at MFAMB has got me hooked on fur. See her post this week...proceed with caution. 

I went digging through my archives and it all comes back to my love, Ryan Korban. He is able to make the simplest bedding absolutely stunning with a pillow here, or a throw there. Check it out. 

Um, hullo gorgeous. 

Images via Lonny and The Selby

13 October 2010

Bedroom progress

I've decided to show you the good, the bad, and the ugly.
We all know that projects don't come to fruition overnight...here's what I did yesterday after a quick trip to the 'Jay. Little lamps and floating shelves at around $50 total.
I have obviously done nothing for a headboard yet...nor have I repainted my walls...but I'm getting back my motivation and enthusiasm for this area of the studio.

12 October 2010

Take heed

Never give up on something you can't go one day without thinking about.

I'm still toiling away on my apartment. 

There are times (many) that I get discouraged. 
There are times I am afraid I am not talented,
That I'm outnumbered,
That I don't have a voice. 

But as much as I have a love/hate with decor...I cannot go one day without.

09 October 2010

Not cute

I think my apartments pretty fabulous...except here.

Please help me focus and get this done!

Happy Saturday. Xo court
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08 October 2010

Evolution of the Foyer

First impressions are everything. 

This phrase applies in particular to the entryway of your house. Your front door, foyer, etc is the first glimpse your guests will see upon entering your house.

What do you want it to say about you?

My entryway to the studio here at Apt #12 is very dark and awkward. The walls are placed at weird angles which makes furniture placement challenging. I'll bet that the builder thought that these obtuse  and acute angles were avant-garde, edgy even. To top it off, you see a huge circuit breaker smack-dab in the middle of the wall that faces you when you walk into the apartment. Sexy, right?

I posted last week on how I hid the circuit breaker with some DIY art

Last night, I replaced the lamp with a pair I have been moving around the rest of the apartment for quite some time. I like the symmetry (obviously) they create. They also provide a better preview of the metallics and black accents that you will see when you walk further into my studio. 

There's a whole lot of sparkle going on here. Better pics soon. 

Has anyone transformed their entryway into something special? Shoot me an email; I'd love to post pics!

You may also upload your own DIY pics to my facebook page here:


07 October 2010

More mirrors for you to marinate on...

Kevin Sharkey's apartment via Martha Stewart Living.

How amazing is this apartment? 

What I like best is the use of mirrors to take advantage of the huge windows and bounce all that light around his space.

I'm definitely reconsidering doing the mirrored headboard. Thank you for your feedback, you snapped me back into sense!

One more day to Friday...hang in there!

Mirrored headboard: classy or trashy?

Sheri Sheridan via deardesigner.com

I'm getitng antsy....Thinking of mounting the mirrors from my 'dining room' wall above the bed. 

This could be really really good....or pervy.....but then again, that's good too right???


06 October 2010

For my brides to be...

Here's a shameless plug for my girl up in NYC, The Wedding Wardrobist

Hayley is a designer, wardrobe stylist, and a player in the nyc wedding scene. Check out her blog for some inspiration, crafty ideas, and to get sneak peek of what's hot on the wedding runways. 

Check out her simple, yet extremely innovative project to jazz up your special day. 

Read it!!

Give Hayley a shout and welcome her to the blogosphere. 

xo court

05 October 2010

Ruminating on...

Ryan Korban

Got a huge week at work so my postings and projects will be slow. 

I have a post brewing on my new favorite artist and am gathering inspiration for the redesign of my blog.

Stay tuned for some apartment updates....I have some extra time this weekend for painting. 
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