24 November 2010

BBB Music: Kanye West's Dark, Twisted Fantasy


Say what you want about Kanye, but he's one of the few artists out there with a self-awareness, sincerity, and desire to challenge the boundaries of the genre.  Whether you're following the artist on Twitter, his blog, or catch snippets of him on Oprah and the Today Show, you get the unedited "stream-of-Kanye". 

This, aside from his musical talents, is what attracts me to Kanye. Sure, I've disagreed with his fuck ups, outbursts, and flat-out egotistical claims but what keeps me coming back is the music and his candid delivery. We've seen something change since his mother died. Kanye's departed from the typical hip hop formula of bragging, bravado, and materialism. We get a deeper understanding of what's going on behind those erratic tweets, crazy interviews, and public outbursts. 

I'm currently listening to "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy," which debuted Nov 22nd. The sound is a departure from the gritty and distant boom of "808s and Heartbreak." Where 808s felt haunting and empty, as we were listening to Kanye digest his mother's untimely death, this album's sound is a 180* departure from its predecessor.   There's a heavy reliance on backing vocals, strings, and a rock sound. 

There's an all-star roster on this album ranging from the recent rap "It Girl," Nicki Minaj to my beloved Jay-Z, to Rick Ross, some Wu-Tang allstars, and Kid Cudi. 

Give Kanye another shot. You won't be disappointed.

Here's some reviews of the album as well:


23 November 2010

Insanity is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over

...and expecting different results. 

I think I need professional help. 
Dec 2009
Moving in and sleeping on an air mattress. 
Insert awkward bench.
Decide there isn't enough room for night stands. 
March 2010, 23 days later.
Start messing with paint swatches. 
Get rid of side tables and mount uneven brackets. 
Buy one lamp, hoping to find its mate. 
More debating. 
Toying with headboard.
Tape stays up for MONTHS.
Flip over the comforter to hide the satin.
Regard this part as too boudoir and not 'me.'
Maybe a faux fur throw will spice it up.
Rip off brackets. 
Reinsert awkward tables.
Prime over paint swatches. 
Figure that switching the lampshades will make a difference. 
Conclude that the lamps are too big, the side table just won't  work either. 
Purchase different wall-mounted shelves.
Insert mini lamps. 
Nov 2010
Finally paint over primed boo-boos. 
There is only two months left on your lease.
Decide that the comforter is too skanky boudoir. 
Headboard TBA.

Is your head spinning? Mine is.

For all of you out there with husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, dogs, etc who complain that you can never finish a project...or that you're never happy with things "just as they are,"

...show them THIS!!!!

22 November 2010

New Page: Projects

I organized some of my projects all in one space. You can view them here:


Please take a look and let me know what you think. Happy clicking, love C&H!!

21 November 2010

Duvet Project

I set out this morning to end this bedroom saga once and for all, waking up energized and motivated to tackle both the duvet and headboard projects. I will admit, I was a bit apprehensive because I've been sleeping on these sheets for two days now and they're pretty wrinkly. That's not bueno in this house.

I've seen a pretty direct correlation between higher end sheets, esp those w/ pattersn woven in, and wrinkles. Doesn't a high thread-count equal luxury? Wrinkles and scratchiness isn't luxury.

Pressing onward, I made the duvet today using the two flat sheets supplied in the sheet sets I bought.

This is pretty easy. You just line up the sheets and sew around all edges. I leave a little opening about 2 feet wide at the bottom of the duvet. This will enable you to stuff it with your comforter. After that's all said and done, you can sew large snaps (I used three total) at the bottom to close the duvet.

It looks a lot better than the photos show. The dust ruffle and the duvet are different shades of grey which I like a lot. The dust ruffle looks really blue here but it's not. I'm getting a camera this week, promise.

Now, I was going to work on the headboard tonight but there was a bit of a scuffle tonight at the dog park and Higgies suffered a few cuts. He's ok, but I'm freaked out. So maybe headboard tomorrow before I leave for Thanksgiving. 

18 November 2010

Let the headboard games begin

Upholstering a headboard this weekend with....

(anyone do this before??)

Stay tuned. 

16 November 2010

BBB Books

I'm buying a coffee table just to display THIS:

That's right, Jay-Z's Decoded is on sale now.

Check out his interview that aired today on Teri Gross' Fresh Air on NPR while you're at it.

12 November 2010

Happy Friday From The Professor

This is me with getting acclimated to my new home in 2008. 
This is pre-beard. Look how young I am. 
Gotta love the beige berber carpet. 

My mum is supposedly finishing off the headboard. As always, don't hold your breath. 

I'll be holding down the fort this weekend, reigning over the terrace. 

11 November 2010


thank you.

For those who let us borrow your husbands, brothers, sisters, and friends. 

So we can type away, unaffected, while they brave the horrors of war

in the absence of their families

in the absence of what they know and love

So we can live our lives in the biggest land of opportunity

I thank you.

09 November 2010


How much do you hate this term?

Mood board?

I'm in the MOOD for this furniture, this look, this rug. It's stupid.
Currently working with a gentleman in Miami on his living room. 
Here's the result of tonight's ichat brainstorm.

Let's rename these things so husbands/boyfriends/and sig others don't laugh at us as we toil for 90mins making one of these online. 

Any suggestions?

Are you remodeling?

My bff, Kristin at designnsuch is at it again....this time she's sharing her lighting options on her remodel. 

Photo courtesy of designnsuch

Yes, that is hand-carved door. Drool away. 

Check out her blog as well as more pics of her remodel here: 


08 November 2010

Huge boo boo


Higgins is like, "Really? Really, again?"

I bought these fantastic and cheap frames at The 'Jay a while ago...only for them to sell out.

I figured black frames could mix in well. Uh, no.

So now I'm at square one and starting my "wall of shame" over again in the bathroom

The moral of the story is: If you like something, buy it:

1. Immediately
2. In multiples
3. Save your receipt if you have extras, you can always return

Watch and learn, people....I do this ALL THE TIME and always get burned. 


Sometimes, I miss my old bedroom.

07 November 2010

Bedroom Update

Painted last night and finally got my beloved star burst mirror up. I am very impressed on the stability and ease of use of the french cleat. Using one of those will ensure no broken noses sleeping below a 8 lb mirror.

I mounted it high on purpose...because I am finally making a headboard this week. I am debating using an inky blue velvet....thoughts?
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06 November 2010

Its happening

That is a paint roller, yes.

I am covering up the primed-over boo-boos I put up a while ago (MARCH) when I was doing the purple accent wall. 

I went straight to Home Depot after yoga, which is why you're seeing me in winter hat and a cutoff tee.

For all those wondering, it's 61* here in SoFlo. Burrr!

I just eyeballed the paint in the store. Let's see how much it matches the rest. 

Remember this

...because the following is going to change tonight.

Yes, with two months left on my lease. I suck.

05 November 2010

Happy Weekend

Higgins here filling in for Court as she wraps up her work day.

My human thinks she is going to start repainting that god-forsaken bedroom wall of hers.
Don't hold your breath.

Meanwhile, I'm going to resume my daily activities of napping, nursing on my blanket, and pooping. 

04 November 2010

Art: Off the Wall

In Defense of Graffiti 
acrylic on silk
60 x 40 inches
(142 x 102cm)
Nolan Haan

For the past two-odd years, Higgins has frolicked with a dog named Redford every afternoon, every day of the week. I wanted to share the work of his owner, Nolan Haan. 

Nolan has quite the story. As a recent college grad, he took off to Samoa with the Peace Corps to teach. He ended up filling his time painting portraits of the locals, teaching himself as he went. Nolan found himself sharpening his portraiture chops there and later Indonesia (you need to check out the house he built there) before returning Stateside. 

Back in the States, Nolan found notoriety after entering the Federal Duck Stamp competition on a whim, and found himself immersed in painting various birds. 

Most recently, he has moved into contemporary art which you see here. What you see here is painted ON SILK, people. The texture, the dimension....is like nothing I've seen before. 

Why cinderblock walls? According to Nolan, 

"I enjoy the challenge of my cinderblock series.  If an artist paints a peacock, for example, the result is a beautiful painting of a beautiful bird. There is little challenge in this. But to make a cinderblock wall compelling or interesting or beautiful--that is rewarding. I have been exploring the range of my cinderblock work for many years now, and still I am intrigued. I love to experiment with the subtleties of surface texture, of mortar and stucco. The variations seem endless. Whether I adorn them with portraiture, prehistoric cave images, or simply abstract fields of color, what draws people in is the cinderblock itself. This common building material has something more to say....  "

Nolan Haan and his work

I'd challenge you today to take a look at something from a new perspective. 

Beauty, intrigue, and creativity are in the eye of the beholder. 

What makes us so absolutely unique as people is no one perspective is the same.

And if you release your own for just one minute, you may be free to see with new eyes.


all images courtesy of http://www.addictedtowalls.com/

02 November 2010

ps I made this

I've been MIA because I've been off celebrating one of my most favorite holidays with my favorite people.

Yes, that is a custom made Macho Man costume courtesy of yours truly.

The real deal Macho Man and his lovely sidekick, Miss Elizabeth

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