31 December 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Greetings from my vacation in NYC. Got a spiffy new camera and am ready to get posting ASAP. Now you can see my apartment in all its glory.

Have fun tonight, be safe, and love from Times Square. (Yes, I'm staying in the thick of it...kinda scary)

xo c

21 December 2010

Remote Decorating

This seriously happened this weekend.
It looks like a two year old art project, but it got the point across. I wanted to show my friend/client my ideas for her accent wall. 

Did my first remote design brainstorm session with my girl, Eryn. We were BBM-ing (Blackberry Messenger) pics back and forth of her living room and I finally put the old Photobooth to work. 

It's great that we have technology in place to make friends and clients seem closer. We will be working via Skype after the holiday and I will be in NYC after Xmas to tie together a few things in her room in person. 

Have you done any successful decorating via Skype, Ichat, etc? I'd love to hear some of your best practices. 

18 December 2010

Shameless Plug: LaLa Couture


Today's a big day for my dear friend, Molly Carey, founder  and owner of LaLa Couture.

A few years back, Molly lived in LA, filling her closet with L.A’s latest styles, trends and accessories, while still buying at incredibly great prices and developing her own unique, personal and affordable style. 

After relocating to South Florida, she realized that access to fashionable, affordable clothing did not exist.  And with that…her fashion-forward entrepreneurial side kicked in and LaLa Couture was born!

Launching LaLa in March of 2010, she knew that with the right blend of designer-style clothes, at wholesale prices, purchased from home trunk shows and online-private sample sales- she could change the way people shop.

The mission: Target discerning shoppers with an eye for fashion, who crave the convenience of click and order vs. traditional brick and mortar, while still maintaining the bragging rights of having unique looks and not paying a fortune.

These days, as Founder & Owner, Molly still handpicks all the clothes, shoes and accessories featured on LaLa’s site (most sell for less than $100).  LaLa Couture’s future is creating personal, in-home shopping experiences for fashionistas everywhere. 

We want you to turn heads....we want you to make them say, "Ooh LaLa.

Please stop by www.lalacouture.com this Holiday Season to support a budding entrepreneur. I can personally vouch for the great quality and pricing of the clothing and accessories. I've turned a few heads in my LaLa dresses (I most notably wore what we call "THE dress" to my first date with my current bf. Needless to say he was sold on the spot!!). You may even see someone you know (wink, wink) modeling the clothes on the website. 

17 December 2010

Art DIY: Releasing my inner 12 year old.

yep, I made this.

Yesterday I got the fabulous idea to draw pics of my closest girlfriends for Xmas. My goal was to sum up their personal style in a simple croqui and the concept was inspired by the absolutely DARLING stationery at GADABOUT. Since I have not yet given these pressies, I need to keep them under wraps until next week. 

 I also bought some blank greeting cards at Michaels and started drawing jewelry. I found pieces I'd love to buy my girlfriends if I had all the money in the world. I'm going to do some more today and hopefully will have a good stack of Holiday cards for gifting this weekend. 

With that said, you have to hit up Michaels because they have some great coups. Here's the link to 15% off entire purchase or 50% off one item!!


16 December 2010

More Insanity-My Inspiration Files are All the Same

One day, my Manhattan pied-a-terre will have a library. 
I will command meetings with clients from my imposing, masculine desk and be surrounded by books. 
These books I will have read myself, of course. 
Because in addition to being ridiculously successful, I'll have all the time in the world to kick back to read them.
And I will put amazing chandeliers in my office because I can.
I'll have seating for clients and friends. 
This room will be the center of the house where I will entertain and serve meals.

Just a thought. 

(All images from Elle Decor)

15 December 2010

BBB Links: New (to Me) Blogs!

I'm pretty lousy about listing all the blogs I follow in my blogroll on my site, so I thought I'd share some notable notables. Here's who I've been stalking lately:


Sheila puts together great photos of...what else? Interiors with a "punch of color." I highly recommend stopping by; the Holiday photos she's chosen this month are visually stunning and equally inspiring. 
Jen has created what I call a "porganization" website. Yes, that's right: organization porn. If you're like me and crave organized spaces, head over to her blog for some gratifying before and afters

Kyle at Knight Moves Blog has a gorgeous blog (you all know how I can't even read things that are not aesthetically pleasing!) that provides me with ample Greek Key porn and is chock-full of classy, Traditional interiors. 

Please share your favorite blogs in the comments below! It's amazing how many great blogs are out there that we've all yet to discover. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I do. 

14 December 2010

#12 Bathroom Quick Fix Update

I've been sitting on this mirror since Apt #10 in AZ. This wall in my bathroom seemed lonely. 
There's a lot going on between the greek key motif in the shower curtain, but the mirror emulates that and it works. 
Since the mirror was quite heavy (approx 8-10 lbs), I went to Home Depot for my trusty French Cleat by Ook.  

I love the level Ook provides. This ensures that your wall bracket is mounted level and frees up your hands to screw in the bracket to the wall. Drywall screws are provided and they go in easily and hold securely with no need for anchors. 
The mirror looks great in person. I didn't realize how much light it would bounce around, which is good since this bathroom is like a cave. I've decided to move back to a black and white palette because it is portable wherever I go. I'm going to mix up the accent color whenever I find towels that I like. This way, I have variety without any real commitment. 

Next up are more accessories and the photo wall behind the vanity sink.

13 December 2010

BBB Client: Eryn's Worldly Retreat in NYC

Eryn's Worldly Living Room

Eryn's Worldly Living Room by court.chase on Polyvore.com

My dear friend, Eryn, is a powerhouse NYC business woman who works hard and plays hard. Her job has her constantly on-the-go, traversing the country multiple times on a weekly basis. With all of this hardcore travel, Eryn still finds the time to reward herself with what else?? More travel. I will be working on cozying up her current living room and adding some flourishes and trinkets from her travels. 

Her apartment in the West Village of NYC is to die for. The space she has and the high ceilings are a rarity in the City. I visited her in October and took a look at her place. She has some good staples including a great, neutral couch, as well as some fantastic artwork similar to what's shown. We will be working together this Christmas to put together a plan for paint, furniture placement, and accessories staging. 

I am very excited to make her apartment the envy of our friends!

09 December 2010

06 December 2010

Amateur Photography Shout-out!

My girl Kristin of Designnsuch is a jack of all trades. Homegirl's renovating her home in Fort Lauderdale, makes her own clothes by hand, and now is breaking into photography.

Here's what she saw this weekend at Wynwood Walls. 

Bookmark her. Add her to your live feed. Support those who are reaching outside of the box to learn a new skill. 

Desk Obsession


Sitting at my desk wishing I had this desk with a view to boot!

This is Kevin Sharkey,  Senior VP and Executive Director of Decor, Decoration, and Executive Creative Director (that's a mouthful!) of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. This picture was featured in Living a few months back, where I remember they treated the wood with wax to bring out the grain, then stained it dark. I think the technique is amazing, unique, and I would love to try this out. 

Happy Monday, get those creative juices flowing!

04 December 2010

BBB Field Trip: Art Basel Miami

In celebration of Art Basel, my girlfriends and I went off the beaten path to explore the Wynwood District.  

Wynwood is a section of Miami just north of Downtown, and south of the Design District. It's the kid of neighborhood that shines with patches of creativity within the grit and desolation of an area of the city that's not quite here nor there.  Thus makes it a haven for artists, galleries (there are over 70), and great open-air murals. Here are a few snaps I took on the old Blackberry while we explored.

Here's a few snaps from a random abandoned lot where graffiti artists were painting live. It was amazing to watch them start to outline and shade freehand with the cans of spray paint. The range and control they have with a can of spray paint could teach all of us a thing or two....PS it's all about the nozzles. Ask your local art store if they have different pieces. 
If you're in the Wynwood District and you're hungry, check out Wynwood Kitchen & Bar  2550 NW Second Avenue, Miami, (305) 722-8959. This restaurant is amidst the Wynwood Walls area and the space is dominated by Shepard Fairey, who you know but you don't realize you do.  Here's some of the pics from our lunch here. 

Kristin of designnsuch honing her photog skills. Check her page in a few days to see what she shot today. There are some pretty funny ones of yours truly goofing off. 
My girl, Tia workin the phones. 
A great day overall and such a refreshing departure from any normal Saturday in Fort Lauderdale. I highly recommend just walking around and checking out the abundant street art. You won't be disappointed. 

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