17 January 2011

BBB Everyday: My Closet

Self-portrait. See how I created a six portraits in an hour here. 

I consider it a HUGE luxury to have a walk in closet. Especially since I've lived in a city for most of my adult life and have always had to be creative with storage solutions due to inadequate closet space. My college roommate, Abby, visited me when I moved to Fort Lauderdale and commented, "Courtney! You have SO MUCH clothes!!" upon walking into my closet. See, your wardrobe size is often a function of your closet space. I remember thinking to myself that I really didn't have room for a fourth trench coat when I lived in Boston, my roommates would KILL me if I stole more real estate in the hall closet.

Now, I have a palace of a walk-in at Apartment #12.  And I've really celebrated it, paying huge attention to the details, decor and display of my favorite things. I thought I'd share some snaps with you.

Most of my jewelry are bracelets and necklaces. Rather than keep them locked away in a box, I display them like little works of art on wall sconces. Makes me smile every day. 

My favorite things mingle with my clothing and accessories.

My "Teddy" is in charge of displaying my multiple fedoras.
My sales awards (not pictured), my "Tyra Banks" award (for the ability to style shoots and boss around modesl) and highschool varsity letter make me laugh every day. 

A picture of me at age 3 on the beach and the picture I took of the Cliff Walk remind me of my childhood in Newport, RI

I see my favorite snap of Higgins and my grandparents wedding picture from the Philippines every day. 

Then, there's my inspiration wall that gives me ideas on outfits each day.
And reminds me that I am loved.

To be surrounded by your favorite things...is luxury.

Have you ever thought of turning your closet, or a little spot in your home, as a homage to your favorite things? Do tell...


  1. Oh, the day I get a walk-in-closet! Even if I have to share one with the other half, it would still be a huge improvement over the generic rental apt one right now.

    Love what I can see of your accessories, especially the gold leaf necklace!

  2. The Tyra Award? Did you gain a bunch of weight, lose it, and go apeshit on your own television program? Context please.

  3. I need to get my necklaces organized like this for sure. My closet needs help, it's a good size but I'd like to reconfigure it to get better use of the space.

  4. thanks for the luv, everyone!

    Lindsay, what are you working with now? any pics?

    Orlando, I am the SWYE (smile with your eyes-another tyra-ism) queen.

    Brandi, pics pics pics!! You of all people would come up with something really cute for this.

    And J-dizzle, you are amazeballs. mwah.

    Thanks for stopping by everyone!

  5. Why cant I get my stupid closet to act right!

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting



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