23 January 2011

BBB Field Trip: The Forge, Miami

I just got in at 6am from an incredible night in South Beach for my girlfriend's 30th. We had dinner at The Forge restaurant in Miami's Design District. 

There's been quite some buzz in town about the recent overhaul of The Forge.  Originating in the 1920s, artisan and blacksmith Dino Phillips opens a forge on Miami's 41st St, designing iron gates for the Vanderbilt and Firestone families. A decade later Phillips turns his forge into a restaurant, which attracts Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Jackie Gleason, and the hottest A-listers at the time. 

The Forge was purchased by international financer, Alan Malnik, in 1968 where it was gutted and showcased his lavish collection of art and antiques and serves as a regular spot for Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, and Desi Arnaz.

Malnik's son, Shareef, takes over in the 1990s and puts The Forge on the Sobe hotspot map. Shareef Malnik guts the forge again in 2009 with a fresh, modern vibe that gives homage to its roots in Old Miami glamour with a quirky South Beach twist you see here in my photos.
courtesy of The Forge

We had the private wine room that housed vintages that cost more than your car. I was very careful not to knock anything over. Food was great, the vibe was amazing, and it is DEFINITELY the place to see and be seen. 
This is a shout out to Mr. Goodwill Hunting, who would have died and gone to heaven with the service settings and capiz menu boards. Live orchids were centered in the middle of two grand mirrored tables. The chandeliers were wrapped in a translucent cloth reminiscent of a caterpillar's cocoon. 
The entire room was flanked by rare vintages, stocked in bookcases lined with mirror. 

Bathroom chandelier. 
The ladies' parlour room in the bathroom was covered floor to ceiling in Venetian glass mirrors, modern seating, and an amazing bubble glass chandelier. 
Yes, I was THAT girl taking pics in the bathroom.


  1. You ladies get some classy restrooms. All we get is a couple of moist wall urinals and a Haitian squirting soap on our hands while selling spritzes of Drakkar Noir plus a $5 pack of Dentyne Ice.

  2. Had the best night ever with you....you captured the night perfectly <3



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