31 January 2011

This week's agenda: Splurge or Save?

I've got some really neat guest posts going for all of you during the month of February. This week, Mr. Goodwill Hunting is going to chime in with his guide to splurging. If I could condense some of his thrifting mojo and personal style, I'd turn it into thrifting dust and sprinkle it onto all of us. Me first!

I want to know what your favorite splurges are or were. Most of us are on the internet, trolling for deals and inspiration to emulate our shelter mags on the cheap. I want to know what you've thrown some plastic down on. Swipe, swipe, dearies! Share!! I will post any pics you send my way. (email is listed in my profile or hit me up on Twitter @bigbeigebox)

MY splurge of all time (so far) is my couch from Zgallerie. It's the most expensive piece of furniture in my house and the most expensive dog bed known to man.

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