06 February 2011

Quick Aside: Stylish Blogger Award

Brandi over at Flights of Whimsy kindly nominated me (as well as my homegirl, Bri of Me, You, and A Weiner) for a Stylish Blogger Award. The rule is that I must share 7 things about me with all of you and then nominate 3 people. 
I'm a closeted sentimental. I stow away pics and scraps of paper to keep loved ones near.
These pics of my grandparents cooking always make me smile when I crack open my kitchen cupboard.
This guy has been with me for the past 28.5 years. The first six months of my life we spent apart were brutal.
I'm from RI, live in FL, but my heart is in NYC. 
And yes, I'm a Sox/Pats/Celts fan. This should be interesting.
I was a hip hop dancer in another life. Can you spot me?
 I am DYING to master photography.
I was a late bloomer to this decor game. 
Behold, my college single.
I was a neuroscience major in college. Huge dork.

Ok, so now I have to put three other bloggers on blast:

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