07 February 2011

You CAN do it! DIY Week

ruh roh. DIY? Me?

I've received a lot of feedback from you regarding DIY projects. The main concern is that it's daunting to take on a project you know nothing about where to start or how to do it. I get it. What I'd like to do is share a few of my minor DIY projects from the past that have made a big difference, as well as share some HUGE projects done by my friends.

You will see what I call the "Mother of all DIY" this week. My friend Kristin and her husband have been renovating their amazing FL home for the past year and she has bravely tackled the most challenging, permanent, and scary project.

I'd like to call on you, the reader, to share any DIY (no matter how big or small) projects that empowered you to get the ball rolling. Please contact me, send me pics, etc and I'd love to share them this week on the blog.

My commitment to you from my Jerry Maguire/mission statement post earlier is that I represent the everyday blogger in love with decor. You get to see my apartment, lumps and all, as well as I try to inspire you do challenge yourself to take on a project you've never done before. Let's get this going this week!

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