25 June 2011

BBB Eats: The Breslin

I tweeted earlier this week that I had a lovely "Thursdate" at The Breslin, in the Ace Hotel. 

I was in charge of the date itinerary and decided to check this out at the suggestion of two separate girlfriends. One specifically said, "Only go if you like a lot of meat." Well, this little Filipina was stoked. I checked out the menu and decor (of course!) and set our course downtown Thursday night. 

The Breslin Bar and Dining Room is the latest project from the crew over at The Spotted Pig (Aka Chefs April Bloomfield and Peter Cho) does not disappoint. We were given an hour wait time (totally in line w/ most nyc dining) and the hostess (in a Grace Jones T shirt!!!) kindly gave me a call when our table was ready. As you can see, the decor and ambiance are right up my alley-dark, masculine, and cozy-and it was a great backdrop for a low-key night to reconnect after a hectic week. 

We were seated in the back near the kitchen at the corner table of the leather banquette (pic 3). Behind us was a divider inlaid with what looked like the bottoms of antique crystal ash trays (pic 2) that sparkled in the low light. The level of detail in the decor was amazing: substantial, thick, heavy woods and metals are used throughout. There are touches of glamour as seen above but there's also a utilitarian flair that works well in a busy restaurant. The waitstaff were very laid-back but passionate and knowledgable about the food and every suggestion was spot-on.

We started out with the scrumpettes, which is basically their take on a lamb fish stick. Lamb tenders are breaded in panko, deepfried, and paired with a mind-blowingly simply yet savory dipping vinegar made from balsamic vin and mint. Then, I got the burger (awesome) and my bf got the pork chop, which had a thick band of fat around it that I hijacked and devoured. 

Overall, "Thursdate" was a huge success. The food was amazing, the decor and ambiance were on point, and the vibe is relaxed and casual. I highly recommend. 

The Breslin is located at 20 W 29th St, in between 5th Ave and Bway. 
 Image 1 via here 2,3,4 The Breslin

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