21 October 2011

Happy Friday!

I wanted to reach out and say hello, as I'm sure you've been checking in and I haven't been posting. Lots to do the past two weeks with work and I'm also battling a cold. My little brother texted me the best pic today that made me smile and forget my sniffles for a bit.

I know this is a design blog and I rarely bore you with my personal life, but I wanted to share because my Grampa's glasses are JUST LIKE my new Warby Parker Becketts!! Things always come back around.

This is my Grama coming in from the garden on either her birthday or their anniversary (together over 60 years!) after Gramps dropped some gemstone love on her.

Close, right? Please ignore the neglected yoga mat in the background. I practice my yoga daily....in my head-does that count?

sniff, sniff, cough, cough....ugh.

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