15 October 2011

Warby Parker: Because glasses should not cost $400 a pop.

Remember my quest for new glasses?? After some internet wandering tangent, I discovered Warby Parker and immediately ditched my initial plan to map some budget out for new glasses. My eyesight has been deteriorating and it's getting harder to see into the distance without giving the general public dirty looks as I squint to recognize menu options at the deli or people waving hello on the street.

Warby Parker offers boutique-quality glasses for a fraction of the price of what your local chain charges for lenses (with a coupon!). The company was founded by B-school friends who decided to change the status quo and cut out the middle-man to drive down costs on great glasses (AND for a great cause).

As I am known to crack my veneer of pragmatism and go on huge splurges, I threw down for not one but TWO pairs of glasses. For $95 a pop, even three pairs would be LESS than the single pair of Pradas that I was lusting over. Quantity wins, advantage Warby Parker.

I scheduled a fitting in their NYC showroom in Soho last Friday. If you can get down there, I urge you to schedule an appointment in their showroom to see the glasses in person. You'll be walking right into their work space and they've done such a great job merchandising the glasses. There are cute vignettes of vintage mirrors, old books, shadow boxes, and trays that house individual pairs of glasses.

If you're not in the NYC area, don't fret-Warby Parker will ship you 5 frames of our choice for free for you to try on at home. If you're having trouble, you can even post pics of yourself on their Facebook page and the masses can assist in your choices. That in itself is amazing.

Here's what I chose:
 Preston in Hazelwood
 Beckett in Matte Black

Once you narrow it down, log onto their site and punch in your perscription. Then pay. Done. (If you've got a pretty hefty and complex perscription higher rates apply. I'm not there yet.)

Although I had a slight mishap with UPS (really hate them btw) where I chased my package around a 5 block radius yesterday in the rain after explicitly requesting it held for pickup, I was SO happy so crack open the box to see this. The packaging was simple, efficient (yay, go green!), and elegant.
The company donates a pair of glasses to someone in need with each purchase.

Here's what they look like on me. They are lightweight but chunky and sturdy. I'm in love.
(excuse the tired, runny makeup, awful I'm-beat-up-it's Friday face)
Get some!!!

PS they do Rx sunglasses for $95. Get yourself on the wait list!!

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