01 November 2011

Fifi Runn Dog Collars-We won!

Painter Michelle Armas (whose work I absolutely ADORE thanks to MFAMB) posted a giveaway on her blog last week for some snazzy new dog collars and Higgins WON!! The criteria was to write about you or your dog's most embarrassing moment  (we won off a poop story, of course!) for a chance to win a stunningly graphic collar from Fifi Runn.

Shari Margolin, a graphic designer, founded Fifi Runn after searching high and low for find cute, but edgy collars for her dog. In the true spirit of DIY, Shari ventured out on her own and created her own collars fit for the city dog with good taste. ALSO, Fifi Runn is founded on good intentions: 10% of all proceeds to a different dog-focused charity each month.
 So surprised to see that little homie got mail!
 Look at this care package!! Higgins was LOVING the treats from Big Daddy Biscuits
 SO handsome. 
 The Fifi Runn "Electric 80s" collar is SO graphic and colorful. It has a metal hardware and the vibrant pattern is beautifully printed on a nylon collar. 
 We went hunting for rats on our walk around Hell's Kitchen tonight. 
Thank you Shari and Michelle for making Higgins the fly-est pup on the block!

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