16 November 2011

High Impact Entryways

When you live in a small apartment, why not amp up the "wow" factor a little? After all, space is at a premium, and keeping your decor sparse and clean may not always open up a space the way you think it will.

I'm sure all of you have seen Nicole's latest project below.

                                                           Source: sketch42blog.com via Courtney @bigbeigebox on Pinterest

The entryway of your house or apartment sets the tone for the rest of the house. I love how Nicole's foyer and the one below achieve the same effect--you get a stunner of an entry, but at the same time it has continuity with the next room. 

I would like to do something on a grand scale in my own apartment but do not have the luxury of having a separate foyer area. Below are some examples of how to use pattern to define a space. 

                                                           Source: blog.lonnymag.com via Courtney @bigbeigebox on Pinterest

                                                  Source: blogs.babble.com via Courtney @bigbeigebox on Pinterest

Here's my entryway. I'm thinking about riffing off Nicole's latest project and am using Kelly Wearstler's foyer wallpaper as my inspiration to do my own paint treatment in this space. I'm VERY excited to share this project with you in the next two weeks!

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