22 November 2011

On my block

photo: Big Beige Box

I shot this a few weeks ago with my iphone from the back of a cab that I just had hailed to go downtown. The shadow caught my eye at first and when I traced back to see who it belonged to, a woman in the most unique outfit caught my eye. I literally had ten seconds to get my phone out of my bag and take the picture before the cabbie sped off down 9th Ave.  I was so lucky that the car next to us didn't get in the frame and steal this moment away. 

The beauty of this shot is that you can literally write two different stories: one for the shadow, and the other for the lady. They are focused in two totally different directions and yet originate from the same place. It makes me think about perception and perspective-the shadow caught my eye when I took the shot and I thought it belonged to a random person handing out menus. I didn't notice the colorful lady until I was cropping the shot in the cab on my iphone. Now I wonder what she was doing all dressed up in the hot pink fascinator and what she handed out. There's no way I could have dreamed that that person was attached to that shadow. 

This shot reminds me that to be mindful of how I perceive people or certain situations. If a picture speaks 1, 000 words, how come it doesn't always reveal the whole story?

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