30 November 2011

Trending on MY Pinterest: Beach House Chic

The only boho bone in my body lies in my dreams of one day owning a beach house. I realized this when my Beach House board started to take shape on my Pinterest.  A trend slowly formed and my inner global table/Cali girl started to emerge as I collected images of blindingly white spaces with wood accents. Could this be the place where I shed my black moto boot/skinny jean/flannel shirt ensemble? 

Here are some of my favorite images. 

This house is absolutely insane. You're seeing the outdoor patio bar that has straight shot service from the house's kitchen. 

This is what I'd like the kitchen to look like inside, minus the folksy chairs. The stainless steel appliances,  plus the huge, hunkin wood table, pulled on top of those concrete floors are functional and polished at the same time. 

I will never do rustic in the bedroom. This one above is neutral and white enough to be a peaceful sanctuary and does NOT throw a "vacation rental" vibe. I never understood why people would skimp on their bedrooms at beach houses. You are on vacation, why sleep on a crappy bed with mismatched sheets? And don't get me started on the use of knotty pine in many of these places. 

Continuing the white/wood vibe, an amazing living room. Bleachable slip covers eliminate the concern for dirty beach feet and wet bathing suit bottoms. I was always getting yelled at as a kid to get my sandy ass off the couch. Not in my beach house!

Do you Pinterest? Have any cool pins on beach house living? Please comment below!

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