30 June 2011

Revisions, revisions

I'm still doing revisions on this bar/lounge area for the NYC apartment of friends. It was a challenge to incorporate the Eero Ball Chair (the #1 request of the client, I'm trying to veto the Ms. Pacman video console) because it's just SO modern! The current decor is a lot of dark esspresso wood furniture and they have blonde parquet hardwood floors.  I was going for a look that can marry all of these elements and not come off as sterile or worse, that there's this big, honkin chair in the middle of a room that got lost on its way to the midcentury modern exhibit.
6D Living/Lounge 1

Floral Rugs, Patterned Rugs & Patterned Area Rugs | west elm, $109
Paloma Small Sideboard | Crate&Barrel, $1,899
Eero Aarnio Ball Chair - GEF-A066BLACK - Chair, Accent Chair, Chaise..., $1,201
Pebble Side Table | west elm, $149
Wide-Mat Frame - Black (11x14") : Target, $30
Pier 1 Imports - Twin Links Lamp - Floor, $150
Sheridan Espresso Leather 2PC Storage Ottoman with Tray Plus Side..., $60

What do you think?

29 June 2011

Needing a focal point in an ill-shaped spot.

This room needs a rug and some things on the wall.

Any suggestions?

No, the dog doesn't count for a rug.

28 June 2011

It ain't braggin if you can do it

One of my favorite quotes from Dizzy Dean, an old-school MLB pitcher (who, according to Wikipedia, is the last NL pitcher to win 30 games in a season--suck it to the NL! American League rules, go Sox!)

I digress. In regards to the quote above, my girl Bri got some props in High Gloss Magazine this month for one of her many IKEA hacks. Yeah, bitch!

Unless you're living under a rock, I'm sure you're all familiar with Bri at Me, you and a wiener. If you're not already following this amazingly ballsy, hilarious, and ingeniously crafty bitch (That's a term of endearment in the house of Court, FYI.) we can look the other way and say you've been there all along.

Whoooot, whooooot, girl! Congrats!

26 June 2011

Imperial Trellis Spotted on 5th Ave!

I nearly ran into 5 people while sprinting up the sidewalk Friday, nonchalantly of course, to take this pic that only we designophiles could appreciate. 

Trellis trench. I WANT.

Does anyone know where to get this?

25 June 2011

BBB Eats: The Breslin

I tweeted earlier this week that I had a lovely "Thursdate" at The Breslin, in the Ace Hotel. 

I was in charge of the date itinerary and decided to check this out at the suggestion of two separate girlfriends. One specifically said, "Only go if you like a lot of meat." Well, this little Filipina was stoked. I checked out the menu and decor (of course!) and set our course downtown Thursday night. 

The Breslin Bar and Dining Room is the latest project from the crew over at The Spotted Pig (Aka Chefs April Bloomfield and Peter Cho) does not disappoint. We were given an hour wait time (totally in line w/ most nyc dining) and the hostess (in a Grace Jones T shirt!!!) kindly gave me a call when our table was ready. As you can see, the decor and ambiance are right up my alley-dark, masculine, and cozy-and it was a great backdrop for a low-key night to reconnect after a hectic week. 

We were seated in the back near the kitchen at the corner table of the leather banquette (pic 3). Behind us was a divider inlaid with what looked like the bottoms of antique crystal ash trays (pic 2) that sparkled in the low light. The level of detail in the decor was amazing: substantial, thick, heavy woods and metals are used throughout. There are touches of glamour as seen above but there's also a utilitarian flair that works well in a busy restaurant. The waitstaff were very laid-back but passionate and knowledgable about the food and every suggestion was spot-on.

We started out with the scrumpettes, which is basically their take on a lamb fish stick. Lamb tenders are breaded in panko, deepfried, and paired with a mind-blowingly simply yet savory dipping vinegar made from balsamic vin and mint. Then, I got the burger (awesome) and my bf got the pork chop, which had a thick band of fat around it that I hijacked and devoured. 

Overall, "Thursdate" was a huge success. The food was amazing, the decor and ambiance were on point, and the vibe is relaxed and casual. I highly recommend. 

The Breslin is located at 20 W 29th St, in between 5th Ave and Bway. 
 Image 1 via here 2,3,4 The Breslin

24 June 2011

Primer undoes it

Did I share this with you guys? When I moved two months ago (can you believe it!), I had to paint my beloved accent wall back to normal to avoid a fine by my apartment building. No sweat, right? Well, when you have three days to move and the movers come a day before you fly across country there's really no time to do this.

 Yoga mat as a drop cloth. We literally had NOTHING left in the apartment. Notice Higgins chillin. Not helping.

But somehow, I did it.

Not gonna lie...missing my old apartment...

20 June 2011

Art Revamp

Before I left on my business trip last week, I quickly adjusted a painting in my room to reflect my anticipated changes to my bedroom's color palette.

I picked out an accent color at Home Depot weeks ago and decided to throw paint to canvas. Literally. From high up.

 I used a little bit of water to dip the paint brush in and get the paint moving.
 It was supposed to be a systematic process where I'm globbing on paint....which turned to an impatient Pollock-esque mess.
Then, I set the canvas upright and started spraying down the green paint with a spray bottle to make it run. Hey, what can I say? I love drippy paint. 
 In love with this green
The before:
It's good enough for now. I can always wet the canvas down with more water to subdue the green because I used a water-based paint. At the very least it makes me commit to the green.

What do you think?

15 June 2011

BIG Thanks from the Mummalah

Ladies and Gents,

My mom was so surprised that I featured her condo last week and by the response from my readers!

She proudly reported that the mirror that I featured with the corks lined on top was a $3 find at the Thrift Swap at St. Columba's Church a few years ago. 

What have you got from your mamma? My thrifty lady style is one of the many amazing things I've got in these good genes ;)

14 June 2011

BBB Fashion: Packing for 3 Day Business Trip

By the time you're reading this, I'll be up in the air en route to my national sales meeting in Las Vegas. These meetings are INTENSE, and command every ounce of your mental efforts for over 12 hrs a day. NOT glamorous, but hey, I'm getting paid.

It's always been a challenge for me to pack efficiently for these meetings since the start of my career, but in fact, these meetings are quite straight forward: business casual for 12 hrs and then you throw on jeans and a blazer for the company cocktail hour. Since I traveled for a year for my (former) long-distance relationship, I've gotten quite efficient in packing. I challenged myself to carry on (*Gasp!*) for this business trip.
Hideo Wakamtsu Feather Roller

After much research, I purchased my boyfriend a carry-on roller called the Feather from Hideo Wakamatsu. I was pleased with its soft body design, multiple pockets, and its easy gliding pull wheel system. I schlepped this bad boy from RI to NYC this Christmas in a blizzard (Hey, I'm a Taurus; I'm pragmatic!!!) to give him his present, which he loved and uses frequently. Even with size 12 dogs, he can stuff a few shoes and a week's worth of clothes in this bag. It's amazing--buy it!

So I have three days, three outfits (I'm taking the red eye Thursday nite so I can sleep in my work gear) and this little, amazing bag. Here's what I put together AND I have room to spare!!

 Brand new F21 dress, Missioni Scarf (knotted as a necklace), Michael Kors Watch, Jessica Simpson shoes (not pictured)
 Old Navy Cardigan, Zara silk shell, H&M belt, (not pictured) Banana cropped Martin Pants, Steven flats (not pictured)
Express blazer, PINK V-neck tee, F21 scarf, Gucci belt, LaLa Couture earrings, bracelets from archives, Michael Kors pumps (not pictured)

I did it with room to spare. There's room in the bag for unmentionables, panty hose (yes, my company thinks my legs are offensive and I need to cover up!), and my flat iron. I'm SO psyched I won't have to wait in baggage claim tomorrow am!

Do you have any packing tips? Please share!

11 June 2011

Fashion Friday: Payday is Dangerous

Lookie at what I snagged yesterday for only $99.... I can't wait to get some amazing shoes and fly down to Sobe to wear this baby.

Those shoes are beat. I'm thinking of something just as bright!

If you're petite up top with nice shoulders, this dress is for you. If you have a huge ass, this dress is for you as well because it's roomy enough to fit a few children under that skirt a-la-Nutcracker. 

09 June 2011

AngieJo Makeover of Apt#13 Bedroom: Part 1

This bitch gets a makeover this week in the vein of my inspiration, Angelina Jolie (well, her outfit).
And inspired by: 
This painting by Bri 

I've decided that this painting needs something MORE. Adding my accent color to it will be a great (and cheap!) way to repurpose the piece and give it new life. I'm literally going to THROW the green paint on and see what sticks (pun intended).


PS: its nearly 100* in NYC. Higgins is NOT diggin it. I smell a doggie haircut in the works.

07 June 2011

Apt #13 Inspiration for Bedroom: Emerald Green

I'm really digging the black, white, grey combo in my room but I definitely need an accent color. The recent DIY machalite projects that my homie, Bri, has thrown down in the past week are a huge inspiration for my room. Here's the images that I will base my choices as I style and finalize my bedroom.
Black and green. 

Mary McDonald's office details.

More McDonald madness. Look at the grey creeping in there with the greenish tinge. It's perfect. Let's not neglect how amazing that bronze ceiling is. I am so tempted to do this.

Angie knows what's up.

The plan is to introduce this color to my room in the form of linens and accessories. I'm seriously contemplating doing an emerald green linen headboard (finally. I know you'll believe it when you see it!) pillows, and some decorative things. I need your help scouting decorating things. Not my strong suit.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to incorporate this into my room? Any good resources for vases, trays, and boxes?

06 June 2011

Personal Taste: Mom's House

 My mother embodies the Traditional style and has always been talented in infusing her personal style into her homes. She recently revamped the living room in her 1 bed Newport, RI condo and did the most daring thing in decorating: painting a room blood red.
As you can see, the color came out beautifully. My Aunt and Uncle volunteered to doing the painting and the room required FIVE coats. (The lesson here is to buy paint with the primer built in) She wasn't sure of the exact color, but it's Behr. 

The latest addition to this small living room is the amoire, scored at a Wickford, RI antiques shop for a whopping $300!!! My Uncle Steve nicknamed this "The Confessional" because it's nearly 7 feet tall and can fit two people inside. It also included matching bookcases but my mother didn't have any more room for them. The piece is solid and is made of REAL WOOD which is such a rarity now when buying new-er furniture. 

This room needed a statement piece, and the armoire is just that. It's gigantic, but my mother did a good job with the details and scale with the remainder of the furniture in this room to make it work. 

My mom has done a great job infusing her personal style and interests into this room. As you can see, she's mad about horses and the living room pays homage to her hobby. 
 My mom hung her old riding tack from an antique brass swinging arm lamp. It's so nonchalant and looks amazing! I love to see spaces that are genuine: she is not intentionally styling this room for other people or to follow trends, this room encapsulates her favorite things.
 Look at who's right at home in his grandmama's Ralph Lauren-upholstered chair. The Professor is HOME!!!
 Mom's an avid Spode china collector and gets her pieces at TJMAXX! She's been working on displaying her collection for a few years and recently used it as the focal point over her bed. She's never seen Kelly Wearstler 's take on this and when I showed her she said, "That's just like MY wall!!"
 Mom's all about the details. Lamps have tassels, sheets are monogrammed, small spaces are filled with antique books.
 Every nook and cranny of the house holds a memory.
Not a single space is overlooked. This display hangs over her stove.

I'm continually impressed with my mother's decorating endeavors every time I come home. Now that I'm only a stone's throw away from Newport, we are planning on reupholstering her dining room chairs  and finding a solution to camouflage the retro mid-century closet doors in the condo.

Your space should tell a story about you through the things you display down to the fabrics and paint. Have you ever thought about what encapsulates your personal style? Does your space match your outlook on life, show where you've been, or mimics the clothes you wear? It should! Please share why or why not!

Happy Monday. C&H
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