31 August 2011

30 August 2011

Shameless Plug: LaLa Couture Shoes

Ladies, for those with huge shoe addictions, please check out my friend Molly's boutique, LaLa Couture. Most pairs are under $50 and right now, there's a pair I wore on a photoshoot for $15. Seriously fifteen bucks.


I couldn't help but share with you all.

PS-I'm not getting paid to say this, nor did Molly ask me to post, but I can't let good deals pass by and not tell my blog homies.

27 August 2011

Some Hurricane Reading

Here's some newly-discovered blogs mixed with oldies but goodies. 

Courtney Out Loud (how could I resist another Courtney in the design universe??)

http://littlerockstreetstyle.blogspot.com/ This chick nails it. Great style. 

http://theweddingwardrobist.blogspot.com/ If you ever want to see what's going on in a wedding dress designer/romance addict's head, go here. Tons of cute, kitsch, and unicorns.

http://www.keikolynn.com I am girlcrushing hardcore on Keiko.

26 August 2011

Irene! Why?

Due to the unfortunate circumstances of a humungous hurricane heading to NYC, I'm not going to Newport.

I'll be parked in front of this instead. With gallons of wine!

Stay safe out there!!

25 August 2011

NYC ON The Street-Kips Bay Green

Here's another snap from my day walking around Kips Bay on Tuesday.

This kelly green was so saturated, the pic doesn't do it justice. I wanted to rip the door off its hinges and take it with me.

I'm off to Newport this weekend to see my parents, barring any other natural disasters. (First an earthquake, now a hurricane???) Weather permitting, I'll be uploading snaps of my favorite buildings there. 

Happy Thursday!

24 August 2011

NYC on the street

There's so much diversity and contrast in Kips Bay. Check out the modernized building on the left. It's ivy-cascading balcony and wood door is its only saving grace.

Also, is that color combo on the right historical? I can't decide if it's on the mark or missed it completely.

23 August 2011

Daily Dog

Since many of you asked, here's what Higgins did all weekend on Fire Island.

Lurking for crumbs.

I don't have a pic of him barking at deer, but he did that as well.

22 August 2011

Fire Island Goodness

 I almost didn't come back today after an amazing weekend with friend on Fire Island. This was the second Summer weekend back here and our new rental did not disappoint.
Our rental was situated at the very end of a private boardwalk in Ocean Beach, Fire Island. It boasted a wrap-around porch, outdoor shower, and views from every seat in the house.

Many of the rentals in the area are hit or miss, mostly due to the transient nature of shore rentals and the beating the take from weekenders. The decor takes a back seat to the functionality of most rentals here for a good reason. Our house above had a pretty open floor plan in the living/dining/kitchen area which faces you in this picture on the bottom floor. We had a huge 10ft farm table, beachy white sectional, and open kitchen that was the main chill-out area for the house. A few of us said it was a shame that the floors were stained plywood, but after a weekend of 15 people trudging in and out of the house with wet, sandy feet, it was evident why most owners choose this flooring in their rentals. Hardwood floors wouldn't stand a chance here.

Here's how you do plywood flooring right. The kitchen above off-sets the sea of amber ply with industrial touches of stainless steel, chrome, and glass. In fact, this plywood floor SAVES this kitchen and prevents it from going too industrial and cold. This effect would have vastly improved our kitchen this weekend, as it suffered from blonde wood laminate cabinets and had a huge espresso-colored kitchen table. I would have painted our cabinets white to blend in better with the rest of the house and let the floor ground the room.

This house does a nice job blending white cabinetry, industrial appliances, and a light, beachy vibe. I'd get rid of a lot of the clutter on the walls for pots, pants, etc. Most beach houses are a mish-mash of plates  and kitchen items. Nothing you'd put on display.

What's your favorite beach house style? 

18 August 2011

Yoga meets design: YogaMatic

I just stumbled across this website yesterday where you can make customized yoga mats and towels.  YogaMatic prints your mat from any image or you can choose from hundreds of pre-designed mats.

Isn't this sooo KWID???

The cost is pricy ($85+tax and shipping), but if you're up for a splurge and are a die-hard yogini, why not? I'm looking to do the custom towel since I do hot yoga and cover up my mat anyway.

I'm thinking I'll make a towel using KWID's Imperial Trellis, just because I am still obsessed with the print years after it's past its prime.

My former yoga instructor (I miss her!!) is holding a workshop in Fort Lauderdale where you make a vision board/collage of images and words that inspire you. They're going to be printing these onto mats, which is where I got the idea.

Has anyone used this site? Would you pay upwards of $90 for a foam mat that you're just gonna stomp and sweat on? I'm struggling with this one, seeing as all my mats have been purchased at TJMAXX for no more than $15 bucks.

17 August 2011


I've been on Pinterest for a while now (thanks to Brandi!) and I love it. It's so much better than saving images to my mac because I often forget to source my images, rendering them useless for blogging.

Here's some notable boards I'm following.

Source: tumblr.com via Dallas on Pinterest

Every single board by Tonia from Chic Modern Vintage

Her DIY board is amazing. 

Brandi talks to me daily. I follow EVERY SINGLE ONE of her boards.

Jess from The Love List's Fashion Board provides daily inspiration.

Are you on Pinterest? Who do you follow? Please comment and make suggestions. 

12 August 2011

Summer in the City

So this was the view from my "office" yesterday AM. It was absolutely gorgeous, low 80s, and I walked out of a client meeting and saw that Union Square Park was virtually empty at 11am. I seized the opportunity to take a seat at the bistro tables and make a few phone calls.

I was also rocking a new chiffon-ny wrap top in lieu of a suit coat. I picked it up for virtually nothing at Nordstrom Rack (also in Union Square) the day prior and couldn't resist rocking it the next day.

The pattern is unbelievable. Check it out: 
(Animal print (zebra) + Chevron)watercolor effect = AMAZING!

This pattern is to die for because it softens the traditionally graphic pattern you see with Zebra.

Source: google.com via Katy on Pinterest

If my new purchase mated with some gorgeous furniture, this would ensue.
Are you dying yet??? I want to crawl there and shack up for a weekend reading books and eating chocolate.

Happy Friday (finally!!) I'm off to Philly to meet some babies and hug some mommies. Can you say, bouncy house + wine? May be a dangerous combo. 

11 August 2011

Chevron woes

 When I moved into Apt #13, I had the idea that we could paint the roller shades in my roommate's room in a chevron pattern. This would help incorporate some graphic interest with her favorite pattern and color to spruce up her room. Um, do you know how hard it actually is to execute this pattern?
It literally took two hours of trial and error to get this down. I gave up, leaving the poor girl to her own devices on the kitchen floor. We Googled it, we futzed, and in the end made a stencil out of cardboard. 
Alas, it's hard work taping off two, 8 ft roller shades. This is as far as she got.

Then she said, eff it. She flipped them around and just painted a makeshift giraffe pattern on them. I felt so bad filling her up with so much hope. She probably wanted to stab me in my sleep. 

Does anyone have a good chevron DIY?? I see painted shades all the time and it burns my butt that we couldn't figure that out!!!!

10 August 2011

Putting it all together

I was dying to know what my purchases from this weekend looked like in "real life." Seeing as I won't be in FL for the delivery and install for these things, I mocked up the image below on Polyvore. 
LaLa Fitting Room Back Wall

This boutique is going to be AMAZING!!!! I've been looking around at other local FL businesses and what we've done for the owner is above and beyond the run-of-the-mill fixtures that other owners slap on the walls.

It's been a very fun ride so far. Now all three parties involved (owner and two designers) are gelling on the same vibe and we're often sending each other the same inspiration pics. 

I will post details on the LaLa grand opening for you local readers, and if anyone's going to be in the Fort Lauderdale area. The date is set for October 1, 2011. 

08 August 2011

This is how I spent my weekend

As you know, I spend most of this weekend back in Fort Lauderdale buying for the LaLa Couture boutique build-out.
Owner, Molly Carey, waiting to see the space for the first time since the studs were laid.  Drywall was installed this week and we were heading into the space to take measurements and see how the design plan laid out in real life. 

The goal of the weekend was to shop for decor pieces that embody LaLa Couture and flesh out the personality of the space. I don't want to blow the surprise, but here are some snaps of the treasures we found. 

Kartel Bourgie Lamp, from Ensemble Collection Fort Lauderdale
We got this in CHROME and it's going on the cash wrap. This was our first purchase and it set the tone of being and buying fabulous for the weekend. 
Damask stools for fitting rooms. 

THIS mirror from PolArt. Image is fuzzy, ripped from here.  Here's something similar from the store that will show you how the gorgeous and shinny lacquered frame. We purchased this from neighboring store, Domicile, in Fort Lauderdale. 
LOOK at that sculpture! It almost went in my purse. PS, that top on Molly is amazing and only $39. Buy here. 
Got this one in white leather as well. 

Our design assistant, Antonio, picking out custom horsehair rug swatches at Domicile. 
Bling for the fitting room. We're using these Bed, Bath tie backs to reign in the fitting room curtains. 
Oh, and THIS is happening. 

04 August 2011

Big Weekend!!

Headed to Fort Lauderdale tonight to get started on the LaLa shop. I'll be shopping, shopping, shopping with the owner and there's much to be done.

I'll try to post some pics via mobile during the process!

xx court

03 August 2011

Newport Bathroom Inspiration: No place like home!

My mum called a few weeks ago for some help. Her boyfriend is remodeling a raised-ranch in Newport, RI and needs some simple, yet nuanced, inspiration for his small downstairs bathroom.

Bob is your quintessential Newporter, and I wanted to use this space to make a nod to our hometown with masculine, nautical touches. I'll be visiting home in a few weekends and am interested to see how this translated in real life. Nautical Guest Bathroom, NPT RI

Stripe Shower Curtain | west elm, $39
Nautical Galley Hook | Pottery Barn, $12
Doorstops | Home Decor Accessories | Ballard Designs, $45
Waffle Stripe Hand Towel | west elm, $10
Marine Sconce | Pottery Barn, $199
Vintage Recessed Medicine Cabinet | Pottery Barn, $249
Conair Pollenex Teak Spa Mat | Overstock.com, $43
KOHLER Memoirs Pedestal Sink Combo in White - K-2238-4-0 at The Home..., $338

02 August 2011

I love NYC

Taken from the rooftop of 230 5th Ave's rooftop bar tonight.

The interior is super cheesy, but the roof has one of Manhattan's top views, period. 

Plus, where else can you find palm trees in NYC?

(Since when do I go out on a Monday night?? We're not in FL anymore, Toto.)

01 August 2011

Happy Higgies

I'm back from a wedding weekend in the ATL that felt like it lasted  blink of an eye. It's a short week here for me because I'm right back on a plane Friday for Fort Lauderdale to start shopping for the boutique. I am VERY excited to see this space in person and even MORE excited to go shopping with the owner!

Higgins says whatup.
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