31 October 2011

Coming Soon...

After talking about this for the past two million months, my dear friend Cat nudged me in the right direction, and I'm gaining momentum on the first project I've done since moving into Apt #13 in May.

A sample of this has been ordered:

Because this:

Is happening to this:

28 October 2011

NYC On The Street: Bergdorfs

The view of Bergdorf Goodman as seen from Central Park South earlier this week.

Look at the brass detailing and all the intricate lines that play between the windows....LOVING it. 

See all of my shots from the streets of NYC on Instagram: @bigbeigebox

27 October 2011

Personal Style and Accessories

I'm loving how the Fashion world (and its amazing bloggers...hello, Manrepeller!) are making the "Arm Party" (aka TONS of bracelets) a big, trendy thing now. I've been doing it for a while now-this just supports my habit.  I thought I'd share with you what I'm rocking after work and on the weekends. I've started incorporating this into my work attire but have found that it's equally an attention-getter and a distraction. 
Of all the jewelry I have, I rely on bracelets to set the tone for my outfits. Since I have long, monkey arms, my wrists are almost always exposed and beg for decoration. They're part of my uniform and my armor and feel like "me" immediately after putting them on after a day's work. 
Michael Kors watch (similar), Marc Jacobs bracelets (old), LaLa Couture bracelets (old)

Always on repeat: these have been my signature "Arm Party" participants. 
I coveted this watch for over a year; it was a Nordstrom exclusive that never appeared to me in stores. I found it on a whim in a FL Watch Station outlet and did a little happy dance on the spot. 

My brother's gf gave me the Marc bracelets for Christmas almost three years ago. She bought them at the Marc Jacobs store on Newbury St in Boston for all her sisters. We all wear them to this day on a daily basis. 

The LaLa bracelets were a b'day gift from the store owner and were probably the first few things she started offering when she started. The LaLa Couture store is such an inspiration to me because my friend Molly took a leap of faith on her big dream and worked her ass off to get this store off the ground. Not many people would leave the comfort of their cushy 9-5 to jump into the world of retail on their own dime. I wear these bracelets almost daily to remind myself of Molly's hard work and it inspires me to be true to what I really want. 

The anchor ring was a purchase from long ago and it's simply a reminder of growing up in Rhode Island. The anchor is featured prominently through out Rhody and Newport. 

I decided that I needed to mix it up a bit and went on to the F21 website to refresh my arm party without breaking the bank. This whole look cost about $30. 
Pyramids (similar), Deco cuff, Rhinestone bracelet, all F21 

25 October 2011

NYC buildings: Empire State

The thing about NYC is that you can easily miss the landmarks if you don't look up. The base of the Empire State building isn't that remarkable and for someone like me who is all of 5'3" off the ground, you miss a lot of cool things at eye level. 

That's why you always need to LOOK UP when you're in the city. But if you do, please pull over on the sidewalk. Locals like me really hate running tourists over who stand in the middle of EVERYTHING with your shopping bags like there's nobody else in the universe. 

Yep, that's right, I'm local now :)

24 October 2011

Blog Roll on Steroids

My blog roll is horrifically out of date. I don't know how the rest of you keep track of everyone you follow, but I use Bloglovin mainly because I'm a sucker for the interface and I'm a horrible stickler for aesthetics. I just like the way it looks.

The challenge is that Bloglovin does not tally up the total amount of blogs I follow on a daily basis. This is a good thing because if we count manually, we'd be here forever and it would be evident that I have an OBSESSION with blogs. Even if I don't mention your blog, chances are I follow you and am too lazy to update my links.

So, here's a cut and paste shout-out to all of you who make my day more cheerful and fill my eyes with decor delights. xo

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